Why Is An Omnichannel Sales Strategy So Important?

Omnichannel is a word often banded about but rarely explained. If you turn the clock back 30 years, there were two ways to buy  physical goods – in person at a shop or via a rep, or by mail order. Fast forward to 2019 and the choices are far more complex. Yes, you can still buy in a face-to-face setting and mail order is hanging in there. However, ecommerce has transformed the sales landscape. It has significantly influenced purchasing habits – and that it why businesses need to change too.

Having a business system that delivers an omnichannel sales strategy will keep your offer consistent across all channels – even offline. This is important at a time when people can chop and change their purchasing habits on a whim. While the vast majority of product research is currently carried out on a smartphone, sales most often come from other channels. Letting customers pick up where they left off on another channel has huge benefits.

Integration and the omnichannel era

Dani Attard from Comgem, the UK-based ecommerce platform developer, says integration is at the heart of the explosion in omnichannel interest. “What we are seeing is a greater understanding of the importance of consistency across all channels,” she said. “Having an omnichannel sales strategy makes sense, because buyers like choice. They may first see a product on their mobile device, but they are likely to want to purchase it on a laptop or tablet. Others may want to buy your product from a marketplace like Amazon. Omnichannel lets them pick up where they left off – thanks to touch points in the customer journey.”

She adds: “The thing about omnichannel is that it delivers the same user experience – regardless of the channel used to either view or buy a product. It delivers seamless customer satisfaction and is a really efficient way to improve engagement. Businesses need to do more to ensure their products are accessible on all channels and omnichannel is the way to go because it is consistent and minimises lost sales.”

Sales strategies for ecommerce success

In recent years, businesses have recognised the importance of having an ecommerce website that delivers the omnichannel experience. Having to choose between a desktop or mobile design is no longer an option – the two have to be indistinguishable and they need to work in unison. Here’s where omnichannel delivers.

If you are looking to develop an omnichannel sales strategy for B2B, B2C or both, talk to Comgem. It delivers market-leading solutions designed to increase sales and reduce costs.