Why Google Search Visibility Matters In B2B Ecommerce

If your B2B ecommerce business does not appear on the first page of Google search results for your keywords, you are to all intents and purposes invisible to potential customers. Sound depressing? Ensuring your business can be found by people looking for the products or services you offer should be your number one priority - if you really want to grow your business. That means ensuring your ecommerce platform includes powerful SEO features.

Search engine optimisation is important for every page of your website, including product pages. Using a platform that fails to perform on Google will leave your business lagging behind competitors and struggling to attract new buyers. Currently, more than 12 billion searches are made via the web’s leading search engine every month and at least 90 per cent of traffic ends up going to those with the top listings on the first page of results.

B2B ecommerce and Google ranking

The truth is, nearly everyone who uses Google does not click beyond the first page of data it returns. If your business is on the second page for a search query, you are unlikely to generate enough traffic to make a huge difference to sales. Some experts have estimated that traffic for second page listings is as low as under 5 per cent - and that is the combined figure for all listing on that page. If you fall even lower down the search engine’s rankings to page three, the total traffic shared by all the listings is just over 1 per cent per query.

Comgem, the website platform developer that specialises in B2B ecommerce, says top Google rankings are more important than ever with nearly all mobile searchers using it. Co-founder Dani Attard said: “More than 90 per cent of product research starts with an online search. In fact, the latest statistics suggest it is as much as 93 per cent. Ensuring your business is prominently featured in results is crucial. The aim for any B2B ecommerce website is to appear at the top of results. That is because the difference in traffic generated - even between those ranked at one and ten - can be huge. For example, a top result can attract more than 30 per cent of traffic for a single search query while a listing at number ten is likely to attract under three per cent.”

Improve your Google ranking with Gemsuite

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