Who Is Overseeing Your B2B Ecommerce Transformation?

If your B2B business is eyeing up ecommerce, now is the time to add online sales to your revenue stream. B2B ecommerce is hot. It is one of the fastest-growing markets on the web and the transformation to digital sales is essential for brands that don’t want to get left behind. Worried the switch to ecommerce will be an upheaval you can do without?

Stop worrying. Comgem, the UK’s leading provider of B2B ecommerce solutions, can help you develop the right customer-facing technologies for your business and ensure they tick all the right boxes. Its cloud-based platform, Gemsuite, makes it easy for brands that have been used to accepting orders by fax, email and over the phone. What’s more, its implementation team can oversee your transformation to ecommerce to make everything go without a hitch.

Making the switch to B2B ecommerce

Manufacturing and wholesale businesses have been particularly slow to adopt B2B ecommerce - something already widely reported this year. Having found in-house systems that work for them, they are reluctant to try something new. But with B2B ecommerce now bringing in billions of pounds every year, the time to make the switch is now. Choosing the right team to oversee the transformation is vital, because every element of your business must be reflected in the online customer journey.

It is important that the solution you choose enhances your relationship with existing customers by offering them more choice and supports your marketing goals. At the same time, it must be capable of delivering cost reductions by making your business more efficient and your products more visible. You can achieve this by ensuring your solution integrates in real time with your ERP software. It will drive down manual tasks and help you increase sales.

Expert insight into transformative technology

Dani Attard, of Comgem, says:

“Choosing the right partner for a B2B ecommerce solution is pivotal to the success of implementation. We offer a solution that reduces workloads by streamlining existing processes using full-stack solutions. Not only that, we keep your marketing department happy with a platform that works seamlessly across multiple devices and channels, and delivers the very best UX.”

Dani, who is Comgem’s Commercial Director, adds:

“We also link in with finance departments to include the payment methods that customers both want and use. The transformation process can be scary, but only if you partner with a solution that is not the right fit for your business.”

Want to learn more? Visit Comgem for further information about Gemsuite and the top B2B ecommerce features driving growth in online sales.

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