What Are The Best Sales Channels For B2B?

Sales channels can be a conundrum for B2B brands. Knowing which ones will work best is often hard to predict. That is why more business to business enterprises are selling across multiple channels. As well as ensuring they are not overly reliant on one channel, they can reach more people. While Amazon has made big strides in B2B, eBay too is a place where businesses look to buy supplies or stock.

By not restricting sales to one platform, businesses can embrace faster growth. Dani Attard, of ecommerce specialist Comgem, says: “Selling in more than one marketplace has enormous benefits, particularly if your ecommerce platform can integrate with different channels. That doesn’t mean you can afford to neglect the importance of your own platform. Like anything on the web, listings on major marketplaces are influenced by a lot of things and just having products on a channel doesn’t mean they will sell. Pay attention to product descriptions, images and effective use of keywords. You can have even greater control of your online visibility on your own platform – and that is something worth remembering.”

B2B ecommerce platforms

In addition to well-established sales channels like Amazon, a plethora of new ones are emerging all the time. Some are specific to niches while others are trying to replicate the success of the likes of eBay. Dani says: “Knowing your audience and where they are most likely to carry out research or buy from is key. B2B brands need to carry out their own research too - to understand where they are most likely to make sales.

“The best place to start building that picture is on your own website. Ensure it has the capability to give you in-depth insights that will help drive lucrative marketing strategies. And ensure it can segment customers for better targeting.”

Sales channels and integration with Amazon and eBay

If you want to sell B2B products on sales channels like Amazon and eBay choose a website platform that will make it easy. Avoid duplication and save time with a platform that lets you sell anywhere – from your own website’s dashboard.

For a seamless user experience, invest in a platform that doesn’t just integrate with sale channels but your suppliers too. This will minimise the risk of errors as you build your sales and future proof order fulfillment. Further information about sales channels is available here