Top 5 B2B Ecommerce Stats You Can't Afford to Ignore

If you are looking to increase your B2B sales over the next 12 months, you need to know what trends are most likely to power growth. B2B is a maturing market, driven by Millennials and supported by ever-improving tech and more payment options.

Cornering a niche in this lucrative sector takes more than just great products. You need the take on board the statistics that matter and ensure your ecommerce platform is capable of meeting trends on an informed basis.

The top 5 ecommerce stats you can’t afford to ignore are outlined below by Comgem, the UK’s leading developer of B2B ecommerce platforms.

  1. Only half of all website have omnichannel capabilities

    According to research conducted by Google, just 52 per cent of websites have omnichannel capabilities. If your business isn’t one of them, you need to take action. Your ecommerce platform needs to be able to offer exceptional user experiences - no matter what device your website visitors are using. With mobile commerce growing at a rate of 59 per cent year on year, you can’t afford to ignore this statistic.

  2. 62% won’t buy if their mobile experience is poor

    A Google survey found that website visitors using a mobile device are unlikely to buy if they have a poor experience. In fact, 62 per cent said they were less likely to purchase a product from an ecommerce platform not designed to offer a flawless experience on a mobile device.

  3. 69% of carts are abandoned

    The rate of cart abandonments is increasing - from around 59 per cent 12 years ago to a whopping 69 per cent today. To reduce cart abandonments, you need to ensure your ecommerce platform makes it easy for visitors to checkout. Offer more payment options and allow customers to buy as a guest. Not everyone will have the time to open an account. You can recover lost sales with auto responders, pop-ups and personalised marketing.

  4. 58% of website visitors use voice search

    Now that 58 per cent of online shoppers have used voice search, it should come as no surprise that 8 per cent of searches are made using questions. This has fuelled the need for long tail keywords to boost SEO.

  5. It’s 7 times more expensive to retain a customer than attract a new one

  6. Google says it can cost 7 times more to retain an existing customer than attract a new buyer. However, if you invest in the right ecommerce platform you can automatically engage with customers and increase loyalty with automated marketing and personalised catalogues.

If you want to know how your B2B business can reduce costs, attract and retain customers and sell more, visit Comgem.