Top 10 B2B Ecommerce Features Your Website Needs

Successful B2B ecommerce websites have one thing in common. They all boast features that give them the competitive edge. Is your website missing the tools needed to succeed online? We are a market-leading developer of B2B ecommerce solutions. So we know what features help businesses sell more with less effort.

Comgem is often asked to what the must-have B2B ecommerce website features are. This guide will help you tailor your platform to meet the needs of both your business and customers. It will help you sell. The guide will explain how streamlining processes will make your business more profitable.

1. Customer Management

Building strong relationships is the key selling to other businesses. It helps you understand your customers’ behaviour. It shows you what they are buying and how they engage with your organisation. Your B2B ecommerce website needs a customer management feature. It will keep track of buying habits, so you can identify them and sell more.

Benefit from effective customer management that lets you personalise individual customers' purchasing experience. Discover Gemsuite, developed by Comgem. It delivers the optimal customer experience. It also streamlines processes to help you to manage profitability.

2. Integration and Offline Order History

Does your B2B ecommerce website integrate with existing in-house systems? Online customers prefer to work with business that can give them a full picture of their account. To do this, you need to ensure your website allows customers to see their offline order history.

Gemsuite is an the award-winning B2B ecommerce platform. It delivers integration that can save your sales teams’ time – freeing them up to sell more.

3. Marketing Automation

Sell more with less effort? Yes, you can. With marketing automation, you can remove time-consuming repetitive jobs and reduce cart abandonment.

Gemsuite offers marketing automation that also builds customer loyalty. This feature allows you to create targeted incentives and promotions. They are based on what customers are looking at and buying.

4. Permissions Management and Authorisation

Can you control what individual customers and users can do on your website? This feature is pivotal to the success of a B2B ecommerce website. Business customers have more complex purchasing needs and demand different levels of control. Your website needs features that provide flexible permissions that you can customise.

Gemsuite allows B2B ecommerce websites to have set controls. They can be set by customer, pricing thresholds and much more.

5. Customer Pricing

B2B ecommerce websites need to support customer- based pricing. It ensures customers pay the price they have negotiated - not a generic price that everyone can see. Having the ability to define different pricing rules is crucial. This feature allows you to define prices based on anything you choose.

Gemsuite lets you to set pricing rules based on product, category, manufacturer or supplier, to name a few. You can even set pricing to automatically reflect costs or the RRP. This feature saves time and keeps your business competitive.

6. Payment Options

B2B ecommerce websites need to offer customers a range of payment options. It will also let you control how and when customers pay. Being able to manage payment options keeps a business in the black and in the driving seat.

Gemsuite allows you to decide which customers can ‘pay on account’. It lets you choose and who pays using PayPal, Sage Pay or other payment processing system.

7. Customer Catalogues

A must-have feature of B2B relationships is customer specific products. You need to be confident that your B2B customers have access to their products only. This is important if you are providing a restricted catalogue.

Gemsuite allows you to restrict products based on the account or user login. It gives you the flexibility to manage customer specific catalogues.

8. Order Pads

Order pads make it easy for your customers to find products they regularly order from you. They save your customers’ time by helping them to quickly locate the products they need.

Gemsuite ensures its order pad feature optimises the purchasing process. Customers are more likely to bulk buy multiple line items if it is made easy.

9. Multi-User/Multi-Authorisation

Does your B2B business deal with complex rules? If it does, this feature is important. Can you currently set limits on what different users can spend on your website? If not, your ecommerce solution needs the multi-user authorisation feature.

Gemsuite ensures orders that exceed a defined threshold are subject to human authorisation. It will seek that authorisation from other individuals within a line of command. This features will give your B2B ecommerce website another competitive advantage.

10. Integration with Third Parties

Does your website integrate with third parties? There are huge benefits. Integration features will help your website provide accurate and current information.

Gemsuite integrates with legacy systems and third party software. It integrates with in-house stock management systems, suppliers, distributors and more.  It will even feed your products to other online marketplaces.

Want to know more? Discover Gemsuite.