Timescale For A New Ecommerce Website

If you are planning to invest in a new ecommerce website, the timescale from project inception to launch could be weighing heavily on your mind. While there are plenty of off-the-shelf solutions that promise to have you up and running almost instantly, the truth is that is very rarely the case. Before you get around to uploading product information, you need to be sure that your website functions the way your customers will expect it to.

Features that reflect how your offline business works may need to be integrated into the design of your website. Ecommerce platform developers Comgem says configuration plays an important role in how a website functions and performs in the long-run. Its made to measure website design service is used by business-to-business brands from a broad range of sectors. Commercial Director Dani Attard explains how its implementation timetable works.

Ecommerce website timescale explained

“Before we start work on a new ecommerce website, we conduct a survey to ensure the design includes everything an individual business needs,” said Dani. “It is at this point that we will also collect important assets, including data and login information. We also source design assets so that we are ready to move onto the build stage of the website.

“When we are developing a new website, we build in any necessary custom requirements. Increasingly, this includes integrations with third-party suppliers and data providers. We are experts when it comes to integrating websites with existing legacy systems and marketplaces. Comgem looks at payment gateways and anything else that will need to be included to ensure the website functions correctly.”

In a nutshell:

  • Customer survey
  • Login and assets
  • Training
  • Website development
  • Testing
  • Launch
  • Ongoing support

Testing a new ecommerce website before launch

No new ecommerce website should go live without first being thoroughly tested. Because the user experience is literally everything, Comgem puts all new platforms through their paces in the run-up to launch. It tests the customer journey as well as the browser. Final system checks are conducted before a website is finally ready to go live.

The launch of a new website isn’t the end of a customer’s relationship with Comgem. It offers ongoing support and training to ensure its clients make the most of their new tech. Part of the ecommerce landscape for 15 years, it is one of the longest-established suppliers of advanced online business tools. Customers include those who sell workwear products, office suppliers and IT equipment. It delivers powerful solutions for manufacturers, distributors and retailers.