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The Importance of a Mobile Friendly B2B Ecommerce Website

You can’t win the National Lottery if you don’t buy a ticket. In the same way, you are unlikely to grow your B2B ecommerce website if you don’t embrace mobile commerce. Why? Because more and more B2B customers are using smartphones and tablets to research and then make online purchases. In fact, mobile commerce is growing at a rate of over 55 per cent year on year.

This crucial channel is still being overlooked by the vast majority of B2B ecommerce businesses. At Comgem, we are experts in developing mobile friendly B2B ecommerce websites. We know its value in terms of engagement and sales. Those who ignore it risk being left behind by their competitors. International research, conducted by multiple organisations, highlights why every B2B ecommerce business needs mobile commerce.

B2B buyers are getting younger, according to Google. It says many are now under the age of 35. Importantly, they have decision-making powers that, in the past, were reserved for company executives. 

Why optimise your B2B website for mobile?

Get ahead of the competition. Up to 98 per cent of medium-sized B2B ecommerce businesses have not optimised their ecommerce websites for mobile. This means, they are losing sales and failing to make their platform visible to a huge growth market. Is your business one of them?

With at least nine out of ten people now owning a mobile device, half regularly make purchases using their smartphone. This includes businesses – your customers. Up to 60 per cent use a smartphone to research a product before making a purchase decision. Of those who use a mobile device, research has shown:

  • More than 60 per cent plan to make more purchases using their mobile device
  • Professional buyers are spending more time on mobile devices and less on desktops
  • Two out of three people prefer to access a mobile friendly website than use a mobile app

It is estimated that more than a third of online purchases are made through smartphones and tablets. Around 55 per cent of traffic to top websites comes from smartphones. In Asia, mobile commerce has grown by a whopping 250 per cent in just two years. If your business wants a global reach, this is an emerging market you can’t afford to ignore.

What’s mobile friendly ecommerce worth?

Mobile friendly websites are estimated to attract sales totalling 85 billion euros in the UK, Germany and France this year. eMarketer reports that around 57 per cent of that total will be spent in the UK. About 43 per cent of all ecommerce sales in the UK are now through mobile devices.

Comgem developed Comgem Sell, the ecommerce platform to keep B2B websites ahead of the game. Its mobile commerce solution makes websites more visible and allows operators to sell more to emerging and growth markets. If you want to discover what a mobile friendly ecommerce website can do for your business, request a free demo.

Alternatively, visit Comgem's website for more information.