Product Variations: The Next Big Thing in B2B Ecommerce

Today’s global B2B economy thrives on variety. The reason? B2B ecommerce customers are demanding choice. And not just in the range of products available. They want variations of single products – colours, sizes and branding. Product variations allow customers to purchase exactly what their business requires. It helps them to increase efficiency and avoid buying supplies that are not the right fit for their brand.

The B2B market is evolving. Buyers are getting younger. They have greater purchasing powers than their predecessors. What’s more, they expect B2B websites to offer the same level of product variations as those in the B2C sector. All these factors combined provide a telling story of where B2B ecommerce is headed. Is your website prepared for the next big thing?

Product variations and your B2B website

Dani Attard, co-founder and CEO of Comgem, explains: “Visitors to your B2B ecommerce website form an impression of your platform in seconds. Bear in mind, an increasing number of these are under the age of 35. Offering product variations will improve the stickiness of your website and make it more engaging and visible. It will help you to reach more customers, increase sales and encourage repeat orders.”

Workwear businesses were among the first to recognise the importance of product variations, for obvious reasons. But offering choice is becoming important across the board. Product variations are, unsurprisingly, tipped to become as vital as automation. Those purchasing IT equipment, for example, want screen size, processor and memory options. Office products, wholesale goods and many other B2B suppliers all need to offer product variations to remain competitive.

One size doesn’t fit all

It is an old adage, but it is true. Dani says: “One size does not fit all. Product variations instantly tell a potential customer you offer choice. They also make your business more profitable by allowing you to focus on the cost value of a product. It creates added value, something known to increase sales and customer loyalty.”

B2B ecommerce websites that have adopted product variations are seeing their market share increase. In particular, they are gaining ground in marketplaces that are considered overcrowded or saturated. They are achieving growth through product differentiation. They are winning because they are offering choices their competitors don’t.

Power to product variations

Comgem developed the B2B ecommerce platform Gemsuite to deliver effortless product variations. It includes comprehensive product management tools. They include support for complex products, including variations, customisation and bundles. Gemsuite lets B2B ecommerce businesses cross-sell to increase profits and take product variations to multiple channels, including mobile commerce.

Dani points out: “B2B buyers are demanding choice. Gemsuite delivers it. Not only that, it improves the efficiency of ecommerce platforms by driving down costs with automation, integration and personalised marketing. Product variations are the next big thing in ecommerce and we are helping businesses be ready to meet that demand.”

Want to discover how your business can easily offer product variations? Book a free demo of Gemsuite here. If you would like to know more about Gemsuite and its industry-leading features and functionality, visit our website.