Planning Your 2019 B2B Ecommerce Calendar

There is no time like the present to start positioning your ecommerce business for growth. Planning your 2019 B2B ecommerce calendar will help you manage marketing campaigns and ensure you never miss an opportunity to maximise sales. Want to reach new audiences and smash sales targets? Start planning now.

Many B2B businesses overlook the benefits of gearing their ecommerce offer to online events traditionally associated with the B2C sector. This is a mistake. Back to School, Halloween and Black Friday, for example, present huge opportunities for B2B ecommerce brands to run killer marketing campaigns. Comgem, the UK’s foremost developer of B2B ecommerce solutions, says: “Every event in your 2019 B2B ecommerce calendar has the potential to introduce new customers to your brand. This is great news, if you get things right.”

Growing your online B2B business in 2019

Marketing will undoubtedly play a crucial role in helping you achieve growth in 2019. A good ecommerce calendar will form the basis of an effective marketing strategy. Start off by making a month-by-month list of key events. Don’t overlook the importance of dates that, while not traditionally linked to your products, could increase engagement on social media. Think Valentine’s Day, Easter and Mother’s Day - even if you distribute engine parts or sell workwear.

Use your calendar to guide the theme of website content, including banners, blog posts and special offers. Consider increasing engagement with your brand by running themed competitions and giveaways. B2B buyers increasingly expect the same experiences as B2C customers, so don’t be afraid to make people fall in love with your business in February with Valentine’s themed offers.

Integrate your website with social media

It is no good having a 2019 B2B ecommerce calendar if you can’t promote events across multiple channels. Make sure your CMS is easy to use and is integrated with your social media accounts. Check now that your website can accommodate themed banners. Personalised marketing, cross-selling and bespoke catalogues are also pivotal to effective marketing.

Comgem says: “One of the key points to bear in mind is accessibility. Make sure your campaigns look the same across multiple channels. Check that your website delivers the same, great user experience across any device. This is really important because mobile commerce is a huge growth area.”

Online shopping trends: inventory and stock

B2B businesses often overlook the impact of shopping trends. They fail to properly monitor stock and inventory to meet changing demands. Make sure yours is not one of them. Ensure your ecommerce solution offers effortless inventory management across multiple locations.

Comgem says: “Ensure you can see, at a glance, what your available stock levels are. Invest in technology that delivers real-time data, including distributor stock. Consider automating price updates to reflect market conditions and distributor pricing. This will ensure you deliver a great customer experience while remaining competitive and in profit.”

Ideas for your 2019 B2B ecommerce calendar

Use this calendar as a guide for your 2019 marketing campaigns. Don’t forget to add industry specific events.


  • New Year Sales
  • Burns Night
  • Winter Wonders


  • Valentine’s Day
  • London fashion Week


  • World Book Day
  • St Patrick’s Day
  • Step into Spring
  • Mother’s Day


  • April Fools Day
  • World Health Day
  • Easter
  • London Marathon


  • Mother’s Day
  • Summer’s Coming
  • FA Cup Final


  • World Environment Day
  • Father’s Day


  • Wimbledon
  • Get Ready for the School Summer Holiday
  • Amazon Prime Day


  • Summer Sizzlers
  • Summer Bank Holiday
  • School’s Out for Summer


  • Back to School
  • Autumn Offers
  • Great North Run


  • Half Term
  • Halloween


  • Movember
  • Bonfire Night
  • Singles Day
  • Black Friday


  • Cyber Monday
  • Christmas
  • Boxing Day Sales

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