Lessons Learned from Amazon: What Can You Do To Improve Your Ecommerce Website?

When you think of Amazon, what springs to mind? For most people, it’s the platform’s turnover and market position. Every business has to start somewhere, and Amazon started in a garage. How did it get where it is today? With technology.

It is that technology that teaches all ecommerce businesses lessons. Amazon was quick to adopt emerging ecommerce features that propelled it to global domination. But now those features are available to your business. The push for online sales is no longer a one-horse race.

Automation saves time and money

Amazon’s automated business structure has set the standard for seamless customer journeys. Automation is a key feature that all online platforms need in order to be competitive. It simplifies complex processes and saves time. Use automation in your business to drive sales, lower costs and improve the customer experience.

Customers buy using smartphones and tablets

Is your ecommerce website optimised for mobile commerce? Amazon’s is. In fact, mobile sales are increasing by 59 per cent year on year. To compete, you need to ensure your website works perfectly across all devices.

Personalised marketing works

Amazon was quick to recognise the impact of personalised marketing. It has shown that automated marketing that is also personalised is a strong driver of sales. Your business can use personalised marketing to gain repeat orders and promote brand loyalty. With the right tech, you can even segment your customers into groups and show each one different prices.

You can reduce cart abandonments

Technology can help you reduce cart abandonments. It can also nail a sale even after someone has left your website. Last-minute pop-ups can stop a person from leaving your online store and automated emails can lure them back with a tempting discount or special offer.

Ecommerce can be super-efficient

Amazon is a lean machine when it comes to costs. That is because it has championed automation and integration. Your ecommerce business can save money by integrating with suppliers. You won’t just cut out time-consuming manual tasks and reduce errors, you will sell more. You’ll also increase the online visibility of your website.

Fast order fulfilment is everything

Customers don’t want to wait weeks for their order to be delivered. Amazon was quick to act on this. It set the standard that others must now follow. A savvy ecommerce business will integrate their platform not just with suppliers but distributors too. Orders can be fulfilled automatically, speeding up the process.

What should you do now?

Follow Amazon’s lead! The ecommerce features Amazon uses is available to you. Want to discover how you can save time and money while growing your business? Talk to Comgem, the UK’s award-winning ecommerce developer. Discover its cloud-based platform, Gemsuite, and find out how your business really can compete with Amazon. Book a demo here or visit the website.