Importance of Product Customisation for Workwear Ecommerce Solutions

Branding as well as compliance plays a crucial role in the day to day running of any business. That is why workwear websites need to deliver product customisation as well as product variations. The billionaire internet entrepreneur Marc Benioff summed up the way workwear customers think. He said: “Presentation skills are key. People who work for you represent your brand. You want them to present themselves - and represent you - in a certain way.”

Every business – just like an individual – is different. Most will want to incorporate their own branding on workwear. And they will want to be able to stipulate where it goes. Offering a small logo on the left breast, for example, is unlikely to impress today’s B2B customer. They will want to be able to upload their own design. That is not all. They will want to put branding where they want, in whatever size and colour they want and see a multi-angle preview, or even receive a free sample, of the end product before making a purchasing decision.

Product customisation for the blank canvas era

Workwear plays a diverse role in today’s highly competitive marketplace. It offers workers protection, is designed to be compliant with sector specific regulations and, at the same time, deliver brand identity. Off the peg workwear has been overtaken by demand for fully customised products. It means your workwear website must be able to offer customisation to be relevant and competitive.

Take a restaurant brand. Compliance plays a crucial role in the food sector to prevent cross contamination. A workwear client will require a short-sleeved top, in a specific colour and with their own branding. They will also require product variations. Their design will have to be available in different sizes and also colours.

This is because businesses often use colours to zone areas according to risk. Restaurant chains are no exception. A person working in a commercial kitchen may wear a different colour uniform to someone who works front of house. However, the branding will remain the same. Can your website offer this level of customisation, along with previews from different angles? Can your website offer free samples to potential big customers?

Workwear customisation made easy

At Comgem, we developed the UK’s most powerful ecommerce platform for workwear businesses. It is called Gemsuite and is the market leader because it supports product variations and customisation. It lets visitors to your website personalise any product. But that’s is not all. It delivers integration, automation and real-time data that will keep you ahead of your competitors.

Gemsuite offers unrivalled efficiency with automatic stock and pricing updates. It allows customers to choose product colours, sizes and bespoke options. It helps B2B ecommerce businesses automate complex pricing options and can even show different prices to different customer groups. With one of the most powerful CRMs on the planet, award-winning Gemsuite will help you identify opportunities and sell across multiple channels. It offers support for both paid and free samples as well as cutting edge personalised marketing.

Not only that, Gemsuite delivers highly responsive mobile commerce and helps workwear ecommerce websites tap into emerging markets. With a single log-in and role based permissions, it is delivering tomorrow’s ecommerce technology today.

Discover what Gemsuite can do for your workwear business. Book a free, no obligation demo here. Alternatively, visit our website to find out more about our ecommerce product customiser.