Ideas for Your 2020 B2B Ecommerce Marketing Calendar

Start planning your B2B ecommerce marketing calendar for 2020 now to optimise every sales opportunity. And don’t be afraid to think outside of the box. You can increase profits by devising a strategy that not only has all the big events in place but has the flexibility to accommodate national or industry specific opportunities. B2B brands are often shy when it comes to exploiting the potential of dates usually associated with a rise in B2C sales. However, as ecommerce experts at Comgem point out, there is money to be made in Valentine’s Day and Easter events.

This observation was included in our marketing calendar for 2019. If you didn’t take that advice on board, you may want to consider tweaking your calendar to fit them in for 2020. One of the biggest areas overlooked in B2B are trade shows and conferences. If you are planning to attend or exhibit at events, why not include a marketing campaign to support your presence? As well as introducing visitors to your brand before the event, you can significantly raise your profile during the expo. Consider a special offer to coincide with the show and promote it on your website.

Never miss a marketing opportunity

Dani Attard, commercial director at Comgem, says B2B brands can generate new leads by promoting the causes they support. “With CRS a really big thing in business, more B2B companies are doing their bit to support charities. If your business is one of them, why not include a campaign that highlights how your business is helping a particular cause? You could offer to donate a percentage of sales on certain products to a charity. This will boost business and your reputation.

“As well as taking part in any nationwide events for your chosen cause, you can create your own events to coincide with fundraising or donations. Businesses based in places like Brighton are getting really good at this. They are leading the way and growing as a result. Some of the bigger local charities are now recognising the role firms play by staging business awards events – another opportunity to attract more website visitors.”

B2B ecommerce marketing and company culture

If your B2B business is proud of its company culture, why not shout about it? Savvy ecommerce brands are now pencilling in Mental Health Awareness events to campaigns and sharing content about how they promote wellbeing. As well showing customers you care, this type of campaign aids both customer and staff retention. It is also a great tool for attraction.

Generating content ideas is much easier if you look within your own business – and not just to traditional campaign dates. You can build promotions around unique topics and give your website visitors a real flavour of what you are all about.

What will be in your B2B Ecommerce Marketing Calendar for 2020.