How Your Ecommerce Website Can Engage Gen Z

They have known how to use digital devices for almost as long as they have been able to walk, so you would be forgiven for thinking that engaging Gen Z is easy. While those born between 1996 and 2009 are coveted for their brand loyalty, that repeat custom can be hard to win. This is a generation of changemakers who use social media to support good causes and show people they care about ethics.

If you are not sure how to interact with this audience, you are missing out. Their spending power is ranked in the billions. To get an understanding of what this price conscious generation demands, we asked ecommerce platform developer Comgem for some insights.

Gen Z and good causes

If you want to do business with Gen Z, make sure you promote your ethics. The more environmentally friendly the better. But that isn’t all you need to shout about. As Dani Attard, of Comgem, points out: “Younger buyers like to know what causes you support. So, if you have got a Charity of the Year, make sure you include information and a logo in your promotion campaigns.

“Be especially clear about what you support on social media and in images. This audience likes to see brands sharing their passion for a good cause. If your business doesn’t have one, think about partnering with a charity that will appeal to younger buyers.”

Ecommerce and Instagram

Instagram is where Gen Z hangs out. That means your products and services need to be there too. If you haven’t got an Instagram account, open one and think of the types of images you can use that will promote what you do as well as the things you are passionate about.

Choose an ecommerce platform that integrates with social media. This way, you can easily share any type of content across multiple platforms. Dani points out: “It is always a mistake to put all your eggs in one basket, but Instagram is very important if you want to be on the same wavelength as Gen Z customers. This is a great platform to build a following and boost engagement. Younger buyers like a bargain, so always plug sales events on channels that Gen Z use.”

A website platform for all audiences

No matter what age group your business is targeting, choose an ecommerce platform that is flexible. Market moods change, along with demographics. What you are selling to Gen Z today could appeal to anyone tomorrow. One more thing, don’t overlook the importance of mobile commerce