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How you can use reporting to improve your customer service

 If you’re running a successful B2B ecommerce website, you’re probably familiar with using reports to keep track of all the activity on your site. However, are you utilising your reports as effectively as possible? And could you be using reports to improve your customer service?

Back office dashboard on laptop screen

How can I use reporting to build my business?

 With so much competition out there - it’s not enough to simply run your ecommerce website without analysing your reports. Using your reporting effectively means that you can pinpoint areas that need attention, and improve your customer service - to make your customers shopping journey as smooth and personalised as possible. 

Hands holding back office system dashboard

What types of reports should I be using? 

CRM dashboard on laptop screen


See key information as soon as you log in to your back office with reporting widgets on your dashboard. Being able to customise your dashboard by creating and editing the widgets you want to see will allow you quick access to the most important business metrics for you and your business. Having the ability to create multiple dashboards is also beneficial, to have access to multiple sets of data - this may be helpful if multiple users are accessing your back office whose most useful reports may differ. 

Dashboards on an account and contact level are also extremely handy. See all the key activities on your accounts, and see exactly what they’re buying - giving you a detailed look into the analytics of each and every customer. 

Query Builder

This is where you can create your more customised reports. Using a dynamic reporting feature - you’ll be able to create detailed reports based on your specific requirements. Choose from a selection of data sets ranging from abandoned baskets, customer contacts, and pricing rules - to generate the reports that are important to your business, and schedule them to run as and when you need them. 

How can I utilise my reports effectively? 

So, now you know what reporting features you should be using - How do you utilise your reports to get the most effective results?

Using the query builder - you can take direct action based on your reports. For example, if you’re querying abandoned baskets, and see multiple accounts on your report, you can then use this information to email those users to remind them they have baskets waiting for them. This can be done for a number of queries, and will allow you to be more proactive as a business. 

Query builder on computer screen
Account dahsboard on computer screen

With account dashboards - you can also quickly view an accounts most frequently bought products. This is beneficial to your overall website analytics, as well as an opportunity to customise your customers shopping experience. Create an orderpad for an account which includes their frequently bought products, this will allow them to go straight to their orderpad and select the products they need - without having to search through your entire website. You can also customise their featured products to reflect this, as well as set up a custom catalogue to restrict irrelevant products on a per account basis. 

 If you can see from your reports that an account frequently visits and buys from your site - and you want to keep them coming back, you can provide a branded portal upon login - with their brand colours and logo, making them feel like a valued and appreciated customer. 

With Comgem 360, you can do all this and more with our comprehensive reporting solutions to help you make the most out of your B2B ecommerce website. Book your free, non obligatory demo today to learn more about what Comgem can do for your business.