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How you can use a CRM to boost your ecommerce business

Having a good relationship with your customers is more essential than ever - with so much competition out there, you want your customers to have loyalty to your business, and you’ll only get that by making them feel welcome and valued as a customer. CRM, or Customer Relationship Management, is an essential part of understanding your customers and growing your ecommerce business. Without a solid understanding of your customers purchasing habits and comprehensive customer data – you’re being left in the dark, and you could be losing sales.

Why do I need a CRM?

Without a CRM, your sales and marketing teams aren’t getting the information they need to work effectively, and won’t be collaborating with each other as best they could. With limited information on your customers, and no visibility into sales activity – your business could be running below it’s potential.

With a CRM, you can gain a deeper understanding and insight into your customers activities and buying habits – meaning sales and marketing becomes a much easier and efficient task - Allowing your team to work more strategically by analysing customer data. Your sales and marketing departments will now be able to work collectively and collaborate on projects – as they will be seeing exactly the same real time data and reports, allowing them to plan coherent and cohesive strategies.

Using a CRM for marketing purposes will give you a much more tailored and relevant approach for your customers – as you will be able to adapt your marketing campaigns around your customer data. Testing various approaches and then being able to analyse the response in real time will help you to create the perfect approach for your marketing campaigns. With your marketers now working much more efficiently, more time can be spent on your customers with more complex needs and requirements – allowing you to build your customer service and grow your customer relationships.
Some other ways in which you can take advantage of your CRM is by identifying key customers and keeping track of their most frequently bought products.

 If your website offers personalised shopping portals – this is a great way to offer a more tailored and personal touch to those key customers. Identifying their most frequently bought products means you can feature those products or related products on their branded portal – you can also create personalised orderpads for ease of access and to make those customers feel valued by your business.
With Comgem 360, you can utilise our comprehensive CRM to build your customer relationships and deliver more tailored and personalised customer care by analysing our extensive data and reports. Request your free, no-strings attached demo today to see what Comgem can do for your business.