How to Use Product Recommendations to Increase B2B Sales

Product recommendations are a quick way to grow B2B sales. Technology that offers website visitors a personalised experience, based on their interests, previous purchases or online behaviour can significantly boost your business. But where is the best place to display product recommendations and what tech will you need?

It goes without saying, you will need an ecommerce platform that delivers automated personalisation. Choosing a dynamic, flexible solution that can grow with your brand is equally important. Here ecommerce expert Dani Attard, of Comgem, outlines the best places to display the products your website visitors are most likely to buy.


Product recommendations that are instantly visible attract more engagement. That is why banners are a great place for recommended products. Dani says a solution with customer segmentation can enhance results by showing different groups of customers different deals. “A banner is a great place for recommended products, along with personalised online catalogues.”

Featured Products

Having a featured products section that highlights daily or seasonal deals can be a real attention grabber. It encourages additional sales while highlighting products similar or complementary  to those previously bought or search for by a website visitor.

On Product Pages

Amazon and eBay sell more by making recommendations on product pages. They show similar products or items purchased by customers who bought the product being viewed. By investing in an advanced B2B ecommerce platform, you can do the same.

In Customer Notifications

If you have automated customer notifications, you can make product recommendations at every stage of the customer journey. Think about it… You can signpost customers to products in everything from ‘Thank you for your order’ emails to dispatch notices. This type of marketing is commonly overlooked by B2B brands but is very effective.


If your business embraces email marketing, why not include product recommendations in your campaigns? As well as sharing content, you can share product images that link directly to pages on your website?

Getting Product Recommendations Right

Dani says: “Where you display product recommendations can tip the balance when it comes to making a sale. If you want to put recommendations on product pages, make sure your website has great search functionality. That way, your customers will be finding products of interest from the word go.

“Always ensure you use images and links in recommendations and keep text to the point. Have a look at what your competitors are doing and make sure you do it better. If your current website platform restricts your ability to show website visitors alternative products, it is time you looked for a more powerful platform.”