How To Successfully Launch A B2B Ecommerce Website

The future success of your B2B business hinges on a robust ecommerce website. With one in four B2B transactions now carried out online, getting your ecommerce presence right is critical. That is why it pays to ensure nothing is left to chance. A stunning website design and seamless functionality are just two of the ingredients needed to make an ecommerce website a hit. One missed detail can cause unnecessary teething problems and damage the reputation of your brand.

Here at Comgem, we understand the pressures of launching a new channel. It is why we help countless B2B businesses meet the ecommerce challenge with no fuss. In this blog post, we outline the most commonly overlooked essentials – so you get it right from the moment your ecommerce website goes live.

Ecommerce Website Essentials

Some businesses are focused on the look and feel of their ecommerce website. That is why some other essentials can be left to the last minute. Choosing the domain and deciding who will look after it should be a priority. After all, your domain can make or break your web presence. Choosing wisely is crucial.

What about your payment gateway? Make sure your ecommerce website is linked to your account before you go live. You don’t want to miss a single order because of an oversight there, do you?

Check your ecommerce website properly displays shipping options and delivery charges. If you have existing customers, make sure they can access their accounts on your new platform. Doublecheck permissions have been configured, if your platform caters for B2B and B2C customers. You will also need to ensure pricing rules have been set up to ensure they are applied when customers visit your ecommerce website.

Before Your Website Goes Live

Is your website GDPR compliant? Does it contain a privacy notice and terms and conditions? Small print matters when it comes to the law. Your website should not go live until the small print is present and correct.

Test your ecommerce website. Use it in the same way a customer would. Have you ensured a named person or department receives notifications of orders? Have you set up Google Analytics? Don’t forget, you will need a code to get things started and Google sends them out by post.

Done all of those things? What about your marketing plan? A new ecommerce website with a new domain can take six months to rank through SEO alone. That is why it pays to tell people about your website – to drive more traffic to your products. Paid advertising on search engines may help, but social media campaigns, newsletters and great content can create a real buzz.

Need Some Help?

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