Finding the Right Enterprise Level Website Development and Support

With so many ecommerce website platforms touting for your business, it is often hard to tell which ones work well for enterprise level applications and provide a high degree of support. If your brand needs an ecommerce solution that is geared to meet the needs of your organisation rather than satisfy common consumer trends, bespoke website development is what you are looking for. This will provide you with a platform that perfectly reflects your offline offer and administrative tasks - not something that only does half the job.

Most businesses looking for enterprise websites also require IT support. Finding a company that offers both will save time and give you the back-up you need to effectively run your business. To understand how a specialist developer can help you, we have spoken to an industry expert.

Enterprise level website solutions

“If your business operates in a specialist niche and/or offers complex, comprehensive services or products, a run-of-the-mill ecommerce website solution will not meed your needs,” says Dani Attard, of multi award-winning Comgem. “Businesses offering services that demand a high level of expertise, for example, may need specialist or powerful software that is not compatible with off the shelf websites. Having your website built from scratch by experts will ensure you get a solution that works for you.”

Dani, who is commercial director of Comgem and one of the tech developer’s co-founders, says she was surprised to discover so many businesses are struggling to find enterprise website solutions. At a recent trade show in Birmingham, she was able to point many brands in the right direction, and has this advice: “Whether your business needs a website that supports its work or a large-scale solution that can be utilsed by everyone in the organisation, a specialist website developer should be your first port of call.”

Website development for enterprises

As well as mapping out your website needs, Comgem’s developers help you save time. They do this by automating repetitive tasks and making it easier for your people to use industry-specific or legacy software. They build customer relationship management into your solution, along with an automated marketing suite and project management tools.

For ecommerce that streamlines everything, including finances, inventories and and supply chain management, talk to Comgem. It is an industry leader in bespoke ecommerce solutions. It works with organisations from a wide range of sectors and has a reputation for offering first-class support.