Custom Ecommerce Development Tips For B2B Brands

If you have invested in an off-the-shelf ecommerce website only to find it cannot accommodate your processes, custom ecommerce development is the answer. The complexities of designing a bespoke solution is likely to be outside the skill set of your people, so finding the right developer for a unique website project is important. A mistake will not only set you back a pretty penny, it will impact your sales and ability to grow. 

To help you make the right choice, we have put together a helpful tip sheet. Prepared by Dani Attard from Comgem, a leading developer of B2B websites, it will guide you through the process and help you avoid the most common pitfalls. If you need some advice to progress a project, you can contact Comgem here.

Timeline for custom ecommerce development tips

Dani advises B2B brands to consider the points below before investing in custom ecommerce development. She stresses that mobile commerce is a huge growth market for B2B and that any solution should be optimised for mobile devices.

  • Do you require a single or multi-site solution?
  • Identify the processes you need to include in your website design.
  • Try to ensure those processes mirror all sales and interactions, both online and offline.
  • Consider how your online customer journey can be improved.
  • What processes would you like to automate to make your business more efficient?
  • Do you want gated or non-gated pages, or both?
  • Do you need to integrate your ecommerce website with back office systems or suppliers?
  • What permissions will your solution need?
  • Think about including order pads and powerful search tools to help your customers find what they are looking for quickly.
  • Ask yourself if your business could benefit from dynamic pricing and automated marketing?
  • If you sell products that buyers can customise, you will need a solution with customisation tools.
  • Make sure your solution supports product variations if you sell goods in a range of colours and sizes.

Once you know what features your website needs, you can look for a website developer capable of delivering everything you require. It is important to ask anyone you approach for timescales, because planning the launch of a new website presents great marketing opportunities. Ask if any training will be required and if the developer can deliver it.

Custom website development in a nutshell

B2B buyers expect a seamless customer journey. If you can reflect your processes in an ecommerce platform that delivers outstanding user experiences, you will attract and retain more customers. Dani says: “Personalised marketing, customer catalogues and integrations with social media can significantly improve engagement rates and drive more sales. A postcode finder and customer portals can save you time and reduce the chances or an error.”

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