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How an Integrated Back Office and Ecommerce Platform Can Benefit Your Business

When you’re running an ecommerce website, you want your processes to be as streamlined and efficient as possible, which is why having an integrated back-office system is essential if you want to save time and optimise your ecommerce business and sales journey.

Investing in an integrated back-office system that takes care of everything all in one place will save you time and money by streamlining your entire purchase and sales process through every step of the way. With all of your data all in one place, no need for double keying, and no delay on data syncs and updates, there’s no reason not to.

Instantly make changes and edits in your back office that will be automatically updated on your website, with no unnecessary delays, and no entering your data more than once. For example – editing product information or adding product variations that will be instantly updated on your ecommerce website, getting your products out to your customers exactly when you want them to.

Having all of your data connected will make your processes quick and simple by auto populating your info and easily associating contacts, accounts, and marketing lists, as well as having all your data available to you when creating purchase orders, sales orders, quotes, and invoices.

Having a powerful CRM that allows you to keep track of your customers purchasing history and habits will also benefit your business by giving you visibility over the full lifecycle of your customers – and giving you more opportunities to push for more sales.

With all of your processes all in one place – you’ll also have access to reports from any aspect of the purchasing and sales journey, giving you full visibility over what’s important to you, and in turn allowing you more control over your business. As an example, if you were to create a report on how many of your customers had an abandoned basket on your website, you could then send out an email to those customers reminding them of their unpurchased items, potentially gaining you sales.

Comgem 360, Comgems ecommerce back-office system, is fully integrated with your ecommerce website through every step of the buyer journey. From CRM, invoicing and accounting, reporting, and everything in between.

Comgem 360 is a powerful and flexible integrated back-office system that simplifies your sales and purchasing processes and provides you with everything all in one place so there’s no need for double keying, no delays on data syncs, and instant updates.

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