Amazon – Friend or Foe?

Did you know that Amazon can be your ‘friend’? The big machine that is the world’s largest ecommerce platform can actually support your business and help it to grow. Many B2B ecommerce businesses overlook the fact that Amazon is a multi-faceted empire – one that supports other online sellers, including you.

At Comgem, we have developed cutting edge technologies that allow B2B businesses to sell across multiple channels. This includes major marketplaces like Amazon and eBay. What’s more, you can manage your sales on all channels through a single log in.

Using Amazon’s audience to your advantage

Last year, Amazon sales grew by almost a third. More than five billion items were sent using its Prime shipping service worldwide in the same year. With a huge audience, it can help make your products more visible. You can consider using Amazon as your fulfilment service – or beat the giant at its own game.

While much is said about Amazon Prime, it isn’t a cast iron guarantee of next day delivery – or even second day delivery. Just ask those who have had to wait longer. Can you guarantee next day delivery, if an order is placed before a certain time in the day? Can you offer a better price by switching suppliers?

Follow Amazon’s lead on efficiency

With eight million regular customers in the UK, Amazon could be your gateway to increased sales. As well as giving your products huge exposure, Amazon offers lessons you can follow to increase profits. Make sure your ecommerce platform isn’t just integrated with multiple channels. Ensure it is fully automated to increase efficiency.

Take a look at your tech. Is your ecommerce platform integrated with suppliers, back end systems and distributors? Making your business a lean machine will help it generate more money and reduce manual tasks and, thus, overheads. It will help you compete on major platforms such as Amazon.

Follow the leader – and grow your business

Dani Attard is a co-founder of Comgem, the UK’s market-leading B2B ecommerce platform developer. She says: “

It is surprising how many businesses overlook Amazon as a sales channel. Yet, it has the potential to significantly increase sales by taking your products to a literally huge audience. By tapping into Amazon’s customer base, you can increase visibility of your products and sell more.

“Amazon is only an enemy if you let it be. Use it to your advantage and it will be your friend. We have helped countless B2B ecommerce platforms integrate with Amazon and sell more.”

Find out how your business can sell B2B products on Amazon with Comgem’s award-winning Gemsuite cloud-based ecommerce platform. Developed especially for the B2B market, it is packed with powerful features designed to ensure you can compete on every level and sell across multiple channels.

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