3 Ways Mobile Commerce Will Change Your Business

If you are looking to grow sales in the run-up to Christmas, mobile commerce is the way to go. Visits to any website are now dominated by those using mobile devices. In fact, use of the desktop computer or laptop is on the decline – especially when it comes to searching for products. It doesn’t matter if you are in B2B, B2C or both, the power of the hand-held device is awesome.

Boosting sales over the festive period will be easier if your ecommerce website is optimised for mobile. Not only will this ensure the majority of visitors to your site will benefit from the best possible experience, it will make your site more responsive. And with more than 30 per cent of sales expected to come via smartphones between now and December 25, the financial rewards could be significant. 

1 - Responsive design

Websites truly optimised for mobile devices are generally responsive. This has benefits for your bottom line because it will help to increase engagement and encourage visitors to take action. Not all website platforms perform well on mobile. To ensure your visitors benefit from the best possible user experience, test your site and follow the customer journey on a smartphone. If you are not impressed, consider switching to a platform that makes mobile commerce effortless. The last thing you want to be doing is making major changes to the mobile site only – brand consistency is important across all channels.

2 - Easy payments

One-click payment options are making it much easier for website visitors to buy on a smartphone. In fact, mobile commerce is evolving at such a fast pace that new payment apps and options are coming along all the time. Ensuring mobile users can benefit from a seamless checkout experience will significantly reduce cart abandonments and increase sales. Remember, many people won’t want to fill out a form, set up an account or sign up to your newsletter on their first visit. Make it simple and quick for someone to make a purchase. You can follow us with a tank you email, along with an invitation to sign up to your newsletter, once you have made that sale.

3 - Personalisation

If you are in the B2B sector and have customers on account, personalisation is important. With the right tech you can ensure your customers see the products they are most likely to buy, based on their spending history or interests. So, making sure mobile commerce is personalised could hook in all those buyers who currently only carry out research on a smartphone.

Mobile commerce made easy

Comgem has developed Gemsuite to deliver omnichannel ecommerce – with outstanding mobile functionality. The UK based ecommerce specialist says it is seeing more B2B brands looking for multi-channel solutions. Co-founder Dani Attard said: “There is no doubt that mobile commerce is a massive growth area. Any business overlooking this fact is missing out.”

Want to know how to improve the user experience on mobile devices? Talk to Comgem.