3 Tips to Help UK Manufacturing Succeed Online

Made in Britain are three words that have always enjoyed kudos, both at home and abroad. With the global economy shining a light on emerging marketplaces, it is vital that UK manufacturers keep up online. Constant shifts in demand mean getting products to market at the right time and at the right price, and ensuring they are visible is critical to British manufacturing.

Whether you sell engine parts or fashion accessories, having an ecommerce platform that puts the spotlight on your products is a no-brainer. That is why Comgem, the developer of website platforms for manufacturers, is sharing three top tips to help your UK manufacturing business stand out from the crowd.

1. Visibility is everything in UK manufacturing

Dani Attard, Commercial Director and co-founder of Comgem, says staying in the race for new customers can depend on product visibility online. Ensuring products can easily be found on search engines is pivotal. She urges UK manufacturers to ensure their ecommerce platform can deliver when it comes to getting product ranges listed and ranked on Google, Bing and other platforms.

“You need to make your products instantly discoverable,” she says. “That means investing in a website that can really help you reach your target market and connect with buyers.”

2. Make it easy for customers to place an order

Manufacturers are advised to ensure their website has an ordering portal. Asking customers to ‘call for a price’ or submit an enquiry form will often send them elsewhere. Today’s buyers are young, efficient and want all the information they need instantly at their fingertips. Dani says: “You don’t have to have your prices on public display - you can hide them in gated pages or online catalogues that only subscribers can view.

“Providing an ordering portal for customers will make it easier for them to do business with you and save you time. By automating the ordering process you can reduce overheads and deliver a better buying experience.”

3. Get products to market faster

When researching ecommerce platforms, look for one that can reduce the time it takes to get products to market. Offering the products retailers want at the right time can put you ahead of your competitors. Dani says: “Use an ecommerce solution that will make your products available straightaway. Time-consuming delays can lose you business and give rivals the upper hand.”

Comgem supports UK manufacturing

Comgem’s Gemsuite platform offers all of the above and a whole lot more. It centralises the management of everything from product information to marketing campaigns. It lets you segment your customer bases and offer the same products at different prices. Not only that it supports B2B and B2C, offering manufacturers new revenue streams.

Looking to grow your UK manufacturing business at home and internationally? Comgem is here to support you.