Create stunning web pages that will elevate your business

Comgem Web allows you to create and manage landing and website pages with an easy to use drag and drop content editor. Ensuring you have control over your message at all times.

Create new web pages and landing pages

Easily create new web pages in minutes. Ensuring your website is up to date and provides your customers with the latest information & developments.

Drag & drop website editor

A powerful drag and drop CMS page editor that gives you complete control over every aspect of your web page content, without the need for technical know-how.

Optimise your website content 

Optimise your website content for search engines, giving you a boost in the rankings whilst providing content the search engines and customers love.

Showcase the most important content at the right time

Comgem Web includes widgets for content that will enhance your customer experience, as well as options to schedule content such as homepage banners and blogs. Allowing you to manage your content at a time convenient for you.

Maintain control over your look and feel

Our flexible theme manager allows you to evolve your online brand and adapt to seasonal events. Whilst more technically minded users have the option to get under the bonnet and manage their own HTML and CSS for even more control.

Options to further enhance your website

If you are looking to take your website to the next level, Comgem Web provides a number of optional modules.

Document and resource module

Deliver rich, targeted content including downloadable brochures and video content, and track who is accessing your content.

Content personalisation module

Create customer specific landing pages, providing you with the flexibility to finely control your messages on a targeted basis.

Multi-site content management system        

Manage your content across multiple websites via a single admin login. Saving time and effort of duplicating resources across many different sites.

Content management related insights

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