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Enhance Customer Relationships with Comgem's Ecommerce Customer Management

Ready to understand and engage like never before? Say hello to stronger relationships, enhanced satisfaction, and increased sales. Revolutionise your customer management game with Comgem!

Maximise sales opportunities with a 360-degree overview of each customer! Monitor changes in customer spend, identify upsell opportunities, and target offers and promotions with precision. Generic marketing is a thing of the past, with Comgem you'll benefit from ultra-targeted campaigns.

Simplifying Complex Customer Management in Ecommerce

Complex customers? No problem. Our advanced B2B ecommerce features simplify management of intricate customer accounts. From budgets and multiple delivery locations to pricing and customer-specific products, we've got you covered. Flexible permissions ensure smooth and secure customer access.

But, there's more! Put the customer first with user-friendly self-serve tools, branded portals, and personalised content. Create an exceptional online experience that keeps your customers coming back for more.

Enhance Your Ecommerce Customer Management

Enhancing customer relationships and optimising your ecommerce operations has never been easier. With Comgem you'll be able to streamline interactions, personalise customers experiences, and gain strategic insights that empower you to build lasting customer connections. Plus your customers can manage their own accounts in order to free up time for you and your sales team.

  • Customer Branded Portals: Prepare to wow your customers with customer branded portals! Create an online experience that leaves your customers speechless. Deliver a truely personalised ecommerce experience where your customers feel at home, enhancing their engagement and loyalty for key customer accounts.
  • Real-time Customer Insights: Gain valuable insights such as baskets, orders needing authorization, and live orders in real-time.
  • Robust User Management: Tailor different levels of access and permissions for each customer using our user-management system.
  • Customised Customer Pricing: Create and manage customer pricing through contact, account, or segment, allowing for targeted pricing strategies.
  • Task, Note, and Opportunity Management: Stay organized with our capabilities to manage tasks, notes, and opportunities related to customers.
  • Support for Different Customer Types: Accommodate end-users, accounts, and groups within an account with our flexible customer support.
  • Effective Contact, Account, and Lead Management: Manage contacts, accounts, and leads efficiently for a streamlined customer experience.
  • Complete Order and Quote History: Gain complete visibility into your customer's order and quote histories for informed decision-making.

Discover more powerful B2B Ecommerce Features

Comgem's extensive B2B ecommerce features focus on driving profitability, enhancing customer experiences, and streamlining operations.