A Multi Site Ecommerce platform is a great way to offer your products under multiple brands.

Gemsuite Multi Site Ecommerce is a flexible platform that allows you to target different markets, provide an ecommerce offering for your resellers or allow you to operate under completely different brands.

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What are the benefits of a Multi Store Ecommerce Platform?

generate leads

New Brands & Products

Launch new brands and products whilst protecting your existing ranges.

generate leads

Extend into B2B or B2C

Popular with B2B clients looking to develop a B2C offering or vice versa.

generate leads

Target New Segments

Looking to develop a premium or budget option. A multi site store is the ideal solution.

customer retention

Distributor Ecommerce Offering

Distributors can provide their resellers with a white label ecommerce store.

reduce business costs

Multiple Business Units

Manage multiple departments and divisions through a single login. 

improve customer experience

Franchise Ecommerce Solution

Maintain your franchisee brand with a centrally managed ecommerce offering.

Our Multi Site Ecommerce Features include:
  • Centralised ecommerce product management
  • Differentiated store pricing
  • Manage admin permissions on a per web store basis
  • Supports different designs and themes
  • Easily configure websites for different audiences
  • Manage web store specific content
  • Manage customer permissions on an online store level
  • Plus much more...