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Comgem for the food & drink industry

Comgem has extensive experience in working with food and drink companies, so we know exactly what requirements will fit around your business, which can be modified and customised around your exact needs.

Whilst we recognise many food and drink businesses focus mainly on B2C, we believe choosing Comgem is a fantastic opportunity to scale your business to B2B, where there is so much more value and profitability to be discovered.

Comgem will allow you the opportunity to become a national business and streamlines your order to cash cycle in one unified platform. Sell to businesses all across the UK, improve your profit, and build your brand awareness by expanding your reach outside of your usual target audience and location.

Advantages of ecommerce for food & drink businesses

Take a look at some of the important ecommerce features designed for the needs of food & drink suppliers.

Product management

  • Support for own and third party products
  • Advanced product merchandising options
  • Support for product variations

Customer management

  • Tools to drive customer loyalty
  • Manage complex customers
  • Control over customer permissions

Marketing management

  • Personalised customer experiences
  • Drive brand awareness
  • Manage promos and offers

Website management

  • Easily update and manage your website 
  • Drag and drop content editor
  • Support for multi-site management
  • Manage different content types

Pricing management

  • Support for complex pricing structures
  • Dynamically update pricing based on cost/RRP pricing
  • Support for quantity break pricing

Ecommerce tools

  • Customers can create multiple favourites lists
  • Create multiple saved baskets
  • Quick order functionality

Customer quotations

  • Customers can request quotations online
  • Allow customers to convert quotations via 'My Account.'

Order management

  • Allow customers to build their own baskets 
  • Manage authorisation processes online
  • Set cost centres on a line item basis
  • Customers can view order history

Ecommerce search

  • Flexible ecommerce search
  • Comprehensive filters and search refinement
  • Intellisearch suggestions as you type

Shipping managment

  • Comprehensive shipping options
  • Customers can manage multiple shipping addresses

Payment management

  • Integrate with leading payment gateways
  • Flexible payment options
  • Customers can control budgets and authorisations

Supplier integration

  • Seamless integration with your suppliers
  • See real time stock updates
  • Manage all of your suppliers in one place

Problems & solutions

My business's pricing is always changing. Can Comgem accommodate this?                              

Yes! With the Comgem platform, you can easily update your prcicing in real time. Including adding discount prices and quantity breaks, as well as creating pricing rules on an account level.

B2B companies across a wide range of industries are adapting to digital sales, so you're missing out by not moving your business to an online environment. For those customers who still prefer offline purchases, you can still easily cater for these sales and track their orders through the Comgem platform, with the added benefit of your ecommerce site for customers to check your product selection and stock levels before they buy.

With Comgem, you can ensure your customers stay in the loop with real time stock updates straight from your supplier.

Food & drink ecommerce trends

As a growing and competitive business, you want to make sure you can edit and update your website at the click of a button. With Comgem, you can easily adapt your website to the latest trends. This can include pushing featured products and changing our banners during a promotion or seasonal event, quickly adding new products and stock in real time to your site, and create discounts and promotions for events or for products that are nearing their best before date.

Food & drink ecommerce integration

Comgem integrates with a wide variety of solutions to make your move into ecommerce as easy as possible. These include integrations with the leading payment gateways such as PayPal and WorldPay, and leading accounting solutions such as Sage50, Sage200, and Xero.

Food & drink ecommerce companies

Comgem is highly adaptable and configurable to your specific business needs, the platform is ideal for many different types of food & drink company, such as:

  • Restaurant suppliers
  • Alcoholic beverage companies
  • Breweries
  • Commercial kitchen appliance companies
  • B2B catering companies

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Paul W.
Comgem has made organising and managing our ecommerce site so much easier
Themis H.
We love the clean and professional look of our website that we've been able to achieve through Comgem