Who we help within the supply chain?

Irrespective of your position within the sales channel Comgem can help. Whether you are looking to increase sales, improve profitability, provide your customers with more added value or cut your costs. We can help you expand your product offering, diversify your range and sell more with less effort.


Commercialise more products quicker.

Get your products to market sooner and benefit from detailed reporting that will empower you to make decisions about your product range.

Distributors & Wholesalers

Drive sales & maximise ROI.

Provide added value digital solutions to your resellers in order to maximise sales and drive ROI.

Buying Groups

Add more value for your members.

With opportunities to expand your revenue streams and provide added value and managed solutions for your members. 


Offer amazing support & increase royalties.

With visibility across your network improve support to franchisees and maximise your royalties.


Cost effectively expand your service offering.

Benefit from a white label solution, allowing you to focus on being creative & client implementation.


Sell more & maximise your profitability

Target new marketplaces, identify opportunities with new / existing customers and streamline your sales processes.

What sectors do we have experience?

We help customers target other businesses as well as consumers and end-users. Our customers rely on a solution that will empower them to scale their business and adapt as their needs evolve.


Comgem helps construction & building supplies businesses to sell more online to trade based customers.

Office products

Sell more office products with a flexible solution designed for the most demanding customers.

Business supplies

Expand your product range with a flexible solution that provides comprehensive product management

Janitorial & PPE

Helping janitorial and PPE businesses to mop up more business online with a flexible ecommerce offering.

IT equipment

Provide your customers with the latest technology, with our ecommerce & back office system for IT Resellers.

Workwear & clothing

Show your full range and provide customers with the flexibility to create their own branded garments.

Medical supplies & equipment

Simplify the selling of complex products, Comgem works with medical supplies & hardware businesses.

Food & drink

Expand your market with a platform that streamlines your business and allows you to target other businesses.

How we help?

Our platform is versatile and flexible, designed to fit around your business and needs. Here are a few ways in which we help our customers.

Single platform

Ideal for businesses looking for a single solution for their business. A standalone platform, where you can manage your own operations and data.

Multi-site platform

Perfect for multi-site businesses, distributors, franchisors and agencies who want to manage multiple instances and feed data across all sites.

Managed service

Need a helping hand to get your operations off the ground? Our design, development and marketing experts on hand to ensure your project is a success.