What Marketing Opportunities is Your B2B Ecommerce Website Missing?

Marketing plays a crucial role in promoting customer loyalty and attracting sales. Without it, your ecommerce business will struggle to survive. How are you marketing your online business? And, importantly, what opportunities is your website missing?

Comgem, the UK’s market leading developer of B2B ecommerce platforms, says good websites offer powerful marketing tools that can optimise sales. It points out, built-in features that improve engagement are pivotal in a growth market. So, what marketing tools should your website offer?

Targeted website themes

Responsive website themes that appeal to your target market are a must. You need to ensure that your website is visually appealing to your ideal customer while offering optimised functionality and navigation.

Gemsuite, the cloud-based ecommerce platform developed by Comgem, uses targeted website themes to increase sales. It ensures that a website theme meets the needs of individual businesses and offers seamless functionality.

Auto responders

Every ecommerce website needs auto responders. They have enormous benefits and can turn anonymous visitors into loyal fans. Auto responders help you attract more subscribers, build lasting relationships and, crucially, get your marketing to people who are interested in your products.

As well as delivering effortless marketing, Gemsuite ensures you stay in touch with customers and never miss a single opportunity to sell.

Personalised marketing

Personalisation has come on leaps and bounds when it comes to ecommerce. It goes beyond remembering a customer’s name. Now your website can make product recommendations based on a customer’s spending history. Not only that, you can tempt repeat customers to spend more with special offers that only they can see.

Gemsuite delivers seamless personalised marketing. It allows you to divide your customers into groups and develop awesome marketing strategies that include different catalogues for different customers. Personalised marketing is proven to increase sales. That is because it shows customers how they can save money, makes online shopping even more convenient and provides website visitors with a better experience.

Themed website banners

Never miss an opportunity to sell with themed website banners. Cash in on Back to School, Christmas and seasonal trends with banners that will help you increase sales.

Want to know more? Talk to Comgem and discover how Gemsuite can improve your marketing and increase sales.