About the Company

Spicers is the UK’s leading wholesaler of office supplies. The privately owned company has an annual turnover of more than £330m. Its fascinating history dates back to the late 1700s when it was founded as a paper mill. From the original paper supplies business it has grown into a brand trusted by resellers to supply an unrivalled range of products on a next-day basis.

Comgem is proud to be the developer behind Spicers industry-leading Office Range website.

The Requirements

Spicers required an ecommerce solution that reflected its position in the marketplace. It required a B2B platform that:

  • Integrated with third party data providers
  • Integrated with its stock system to provide real-time stock availability
  • Offered flexible search including filterable attributes
  • Allowed new products and ranges to be easily added
  • Could schedule banners as an additional source of income
  • Easy to use brand finder
  • Highlights products key selling points
  • Included integrated cartridge finder functionality

Comgem's Solution

We provided Spicers with a B2B ecommerce solution that works across multiple devices. Delivered through our Gemsuite B2B platform it enriches the user experience, helping customers to find exactly what they are looking for easily and quickly. The solution provides real-time stock updates and is integrated with third party data providers.

Gemsuite has allowed Spicers to offer its customers an easier way to find and order ink cartridges and many other products. With a searchable catalogue, Gemsuite is helping Spicers to deliver a seamless ecommerce experience to resellers. Gemsuite has improved the visibility of Spicers’ online presence and given it the ability to reduce overheads and increase sales.

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