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There are many different reasons as to why a consumer buys a particular product and each of these reasons will be different for individual consumers. Some of these influences can happen when they are out and about their daily routine, but many of these influences happen online – whether they are on social media, doing their shopping or just browsing – so here are some facts about what influences these consumer decisions and how we can help!

Top Factors

33% of consumers use customer reviews to make a decision – including those on other websites – so ensuring that you have a section on your website with customer reviews on products gives you a better chance of gaining that customer – both positive and negative.

30% of consumers like to be able to see their product in 360-degree view so having high quality photographs and videos makes sure that you can secure a sale. We are able to provide you with a website that incorporates these high-quality aspects without affecting the speed of your website too much.

26% of consumers rely on being able to use a website from multiple devices particularly when they are out and about. This means that navigation from all devices is required by using a responsive web designed page which is something that we are experts in.

24% of consumers say that they would abandon their cart if the checkout process was not easy and simple to use because it adds more fuss and frustration to their day. We are able to recommend and create a checkout process that will ensure that you don’t lose any important sales.

24% of consumers like to be given the choice to pay by different methods so that they can use the one that is most suitable for that particular item and website, as well as choosing the one that they prefer to use the most. If your website doesn’t offer the payment option that they want, you could lose out on these sales by not catering to the needs of your customers.

Most Important Store Features

80% of consumers like to be able check a range of different prices online when they are in a store to make sure that the price that they are paying is the cheapest option for them. If you offer this price comparison on your website, then you are providing them with this essential information that they are looking for. This can be useful for companies that offer a cheaper price than their competitors, but not necessarily for those whose products are more expensive.

62% of consumers like to be given the option as to when and where they purchase an item. They may be in-store about to buy something but then could get called in an emergency and have to leave it, so giving the customer the option to buy something online as well as in-store caters to all consumers.

38% of consumers say that they like to have access to online reviews whilst they are in-store shopping so having a website that can be accessed from all devices as well as a section on your website that offers these reviews online – both positive and negative.

36% of consumers say that when they are considering a purchase, they like to be able to view how-to videos and demos on how a product works so that they get an idea of whether it will be okay for them to use before they commit to the purchase.

How Web Impacts Shopping

62% of shoppers choose to visit a store to research their big-ticket and more expensive items before deciding to buy them online so that they can compare them easier with other products and get opinions from the experts in-store as well as access to reviews online.

90% of users say that they watch videos about the products that they are thinking of purchasing to gain more information about how they are used and more about their features. This is something that you can add to your website with Comgem without affecting the speed that your website runs at.

The Most Shopped For Items On Smartphones Are:

  • Electronics - 64%
  • Groceries - 57%
  • Clothes - 54%

Online Research In-Store

54% of shoppers in a store are smartphone users, 76% of which use them whilst they are shopping and 50% of which use them to check prices, promotions, product reviews or products information. Why is this important? If you don’t have a website that shoppers can access on their phones when they are out and about, then you could be losing out on lots of potential website traffic and sales.

How Social Media Impacts Shopping

81% of social media users say that posts from their friends have directly influenced their purchase decision from a particular brand. So, by interacting with customers on social media, will influence people on their friends list to look at your website and potentially buy your products.

30% of people say that they are most likely to respond to brand offers when they have been reposted by someone on their friend’s list. By using social media to promote products and promotions, you open your brand up to being talked about more on these sites and having posts shared by customers for their friends to see.

38% of mums on social media sites are more likely than other women to purchase from brands that they ‘like’ on Facebook when they see posts from them promotion products and promotions. Many of these ‘likes’ on a social media page have come about from previous purchases so these mums know that their products are going to be a good quality and that they will receive a good service.

44% of people are most likely to engage with branded content that contains pictures, 40% with status updates and 37% with videos. By using these different types of interaction, you are able to ensure that you receive the level of interaction that your company needs on social media.

Do some of these facts stand out to you? Is your website one that is used mainly on smartphones but you’re not sure if the website is doing its job? Get in contact for a FREE quote and demo from us today and see what we can do for you! Call us on 01656 330 360 or email us at

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