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Does your ecommerce business use social media? Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest or even Snapchat are some of the few social media sites that are the most popular for ecommerce businesses to use. Why? Read on to find out more.

Did you know that 93% of consumers turn to the social media profile of the business that they want to buy from before making their final purchasing decisions? And that 90% of these say that they would trust product recommendations online as if they were from a friend? You simply cannot avoid using social media if you want your business to succeed online.

So, what can an ecommerce business use social media for?

Study Your Customers

By using social media, businesses can see what their audience cares about the most, what they’re talking about and what they’re interested in and from this they are able to better segment and target their audience, as well as being able to optimise strategies to suit who they are trying to target. Ecommerce businesses can also use social media to experiment with the content that they are posting to see which one gets the most interactions from consumers, then being able to review and adapt what they are posting to suit their audience. Using social analytics and content publishing tools that have been developed over the past few years, can put marketers in a much better position to measure their social marketing reach more accurately.

Provide an Immediate Service

Social media users expect answers, and they expect them straight away, so social media is the most used platform for customer enquiries and complaints. It makes it easier to spot and resolve any unpleasant customer experiences, as opposed to checking through thousands of emails every day. There are many excellent examples of ecommerce businesses that have used social media to resolve a customer complaint. One of these is Waterstones, where a customer had been locked into one of their stores and turned to social media as the offices had closed for the day. Check out the story on the link at the bottom of the page. Imagine what would have happened if they’d stopped monitoring social media for the day? That customer would have been in there all night!

Get New Customers

For many ecommerce businesses, the social media platforms that they use are seen as the storefront because many consumers tend to come across new companies to purchase from on social media before anywhere else. So, making your content impressionable on that first look is important to securing sales and gaining a long-term customer. You can use social media to showcase what your company is about and to distribute the content that proves to be the most engaging from studying to behaviours of social media users. You can find the content that works the best for your ecommerce business whether this be posts, images, videos, links or any other media to ensure that you get the most sales out of it. Using social media also means that you will be able to increase your customer base as your social media marketing campaigns will enable you to reach out to an audience wider than the local reach you get with traditional marketing.

Retain Your Current Customers

By using social media platforms to demonstrate the value of your products and to validate your marketing efforts, instead of using it as another method of generating sales and driving traffic to your website, you are able to show the benefits of your products much better than a product description does. You can also utilise customer posts on social media to show that there are people who genuinely enjoy the products and as 90% of consumers trust these recommendations, as mentioned above. You can use these customers as social proof and when you recognise a customer online, you gain a customer for life. If you ask your customers what they might want to purchase on your ecommerce website and you’re able to fulfil this need, then you will be satisfying these customer needs and also creating repeat customers as they know that you will cater to what they need. This in turn will also increase the level of word of mouth and increase your customer base.

What should you do on social media to showcase your ecommerce business?

  • Use Hashtags – these are the most useful tool on social media to monitor what is being said about your business and your industry so that you can adapt when needed. Hashtags organise the content into groups, expand the reach of your posts by using and they can also promote interaction from consumers. Just don’t overuse them in one social media update.
  • Use Visual Content – images and videos are more compelling than text, it’s a fact! When you use them, they are 18% more likely to be clicked on than when you just use text. You don’t have to create the images yourself all the time because you can use customer photos and videos where they’re using your products.
  • Be Consistent – get into the habit of sharing content regularly as this is critical to improving the level of customer engagement that you get and it helps to drive more traffic to your ecommerce website. The frequency of social media posts varies from market to market, and business to business but being consistent in your posting shows your audience that you are interested in posting constant information for consumers and customers.
  • Use Social Sharing Buttons – these useful tools can be used in various places like product pages, blogs, reviews, sales offers and confirmation emails. Customers can easily share the content with their friends and this will increase your customer base. By putting them in noticeable places on pages, you are encouraging these shares without the customer having to exert too much effort.
  • Keep It Short and Sweet – those updates that are kept short, concise and to the point are the ones that get the most engagement on social media as opposed to those longer ones. This is because they can be quickly digested and passed along for others to view. You can also use short questions to grab the interest of consumers to get them to engage more with your business.
  • Use Keywords – used to increase the size of the audience that you want to reach rather than just sticking to your direct followers as consumers search these keywords which are related to your industry and then they are able to find the content that they need so by strategically incorporating these into your posts, you are able to put your business in the mind of the consumer.

Do you need an ecommerce website that stands out? Do you want to be able to use social media to make sure that you make the most of the tools that are available to you? Get in contact today for a FREE quote and demo to ensure that your ecommerce website and social media sites are linked together for better customer retention.

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