Mobile vs. Responsive Web Design - The Benefits

When designing a website, you need to think about how consumers will be able to access it from different devices, and browsers, and whether they will be satisfied using it. If they have to wait too long for it to load, then you run the risk of them growing impatient and abandoning the site altogether. The best way to test how it will work, is to go through the process of using your website yourself on a variety of different devices and browsers to help you understand what your customers go through.

It is the job of a web designer to make sure that your website looks good and that it functions properly across all devices and browsers as well as undertaking extensive testing to identify potential issues and put measures in place to fix them before the website goes live.

One thing for you to consider, is whether you want a mobile design or responsive design. Here are some of the benefits of each type of design to help you decide:

Mobile Design

A mobile designed website is one that has been completely designed for optimal use on smartphones and tablets.


  • Uses a separate version of your website that can be used on smartphones and tablets
  • Provides a unique experience for mobile users and potentially a better used experience
  • Cheaper than redesigning responsive website
  • Total creative freedom on the mobile site
  • High quality display and quicker loading on mobile devices
  • Ability to tailor website and mobile site for different devices

Responsive Design

A responsively designed website is one that has taken a single website and had the code changed to enable to it adapt to different devices with different screen sizes.


  • Automatically adjust the website to suit the screen size of the device being used
  • Keeps the domain name the same
  • Fully responsive across all devices (if coded correctly)
  • Only one webpage to maintain

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By Stacey at 10 Jan 2017, 17:18 PM