How To Convert Your Abandoned Shopping Carts

When checking your ecommerce website analytics do you notice that there are many abandoned shopping carts which haven’t been returned to? Well you’re not alone. Around 67.91% of shopping carts are abandoned. That’s rather high! There are a variety of reasons why a consumer might abandon their shopping cart.

Here are a few of them:

  • They were presented with unexpected costs e.g. shipping/packaging
  • They were just browsing for gift ideas
  • They found a better price elsewhere through a competitor
  • They felt that the navigation of the site was too complicated
  • They were forced to create an account on the website before checkout
  • There was no shipping or warranty information available to them
  • They were concerned about payment security
  • The checkout process was too complicated to navigate
  • They decided against buying the product

There are probably many more reasons as to why consumers abandon their shopping carts including “The boss walked in so I needed to get back to work” which many people can probably put their hands up to saying that they’ve done once or twice.

So, what can businesses do to ensure that they secure these sales?

There is only so much you can do because ultimately, it is the decision of the consumer whether they buy from your business or not. But you can help nudge these sales along their way by using some of these useful tips.

  1. Send Cart Abandonment Emails – don’t go overboard as you may put them off but a little reminder to customers to say that they’ve left something in their shopping cart can often nudge them in the right direction to come back and complete the sale. The best times to send them are; within an hour of abandonment, 2 days after and 4 days after – and in the last one you can choose to include a discount to entice the customer even more, but don’t do it before then
  2. Make Customer Testimonials and Reviews Visible – customers are more likely to buy something if they are able to see reviews and testimonials from other customers without being directed away from the page that they are on
  3. Prevent Errors – make sure that you have a team in place who are monitoring checkout errors at all times to ensure that that any errors that occur, don’t void a sale or prevent it from being made
  4. Be Upfront about Stock Availability – if something is low in stock, make sure you tell the customers because they don’t want to get through the checkout process and then find out that something isn’t available
  5. Offer Price Guarantees – consumers will often look elsewhere to see if the product that they want to buy is available cheaper, so by offering a price guarantee you can counteract this and offer something to encourage sales
  6. Simplify the Checkout Process – 3 steps is all you need for a checkout process, but many ecommerce websites use 5 or more so customers often change their mind, so keep it simple but make sure that you get all the information that you need to complete the checkout successfully as well as including a range of different payment options
  7. Reassure Your Customers – allow your customers to see the shipping and warranty information upfront before they commit to buying to give them peace of mind when placing their order
  8. Save Their Cart – by saving the items in their cart that they have abandoned, they can easily return to it when they decide that they want to buy them without having to search for products again
  9. Prompt for Email – if they’re about to leave your website and they have items in their shopping cart, ask them if they want to save their shopping cart for next time in which they will be able to provide their email address to create an account, but don’t expect them to stick around to fill in a lengthy form – just email and password will do for now

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By Stacey at 30 Jan 2017, 11:29 AM