Holiday Marketing For Your Ecommerce Website

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As different holidays approach round the year, many businesses adapt their website to reflect the holiday as well as offering specific discounts and offers for that time. There are many different ways in which you can use the holidays to adapt your ecommerce website and encourage those all-important sales. Here are a few:


By making your ecommerce holiday campaign something that stands out and something that is different to the campaigns of your competitors, you are ensuring that you get noticed and that you secure the sales for that holiday period. Christmas campaigns tend to be the ones that stand out for many consumers because businesses go wild and wacky with their ideas, so why not do this all year round with different holidays. Your ecommerce website can easily be adapted each time to suit the holiday. Why not include something that customers can interact with? Find the Cupid, flip the pancake, wear the Easter bonnet – the opportunities are endless. Create something that is fun for all visitors to your website or social media page, and you’ll see your sales soar.

Get Your Staff Involved

When you create something for your ecommerce website or social media page, get your staff involved so that your customers can see that they aren’t the only ones that are using it and that your staff enjoy interacting with what they have created to show that they also believe in it. This can also be useful for spreading the word more as your staff may share it on their social media pages and this will attract their personal contacts to check out your ecommerce website.

Emotional Marketing Works

Many purchasing decisions that are made are based on an initial emotional reaction, then a rational justification of that decision, so by using emotional adverts and playing on the emotions of consumers and customers, a business is able to actively influence the decisions that they make. Focus on the feelings that are related to that specific holiday i.e. family, love, chocolate, and you are guaranteed for them to visit your website out of interest to see what you are offering.

Create Easy to Share Content

If you create something that consumers can interact with, make sure that they can share it just as easily as they found it. If they enjoy interacting with it, then they’ll want to tell their friends about it and get them involved. This might even spark a little bit of healthy competition between them so more people will get involved. Even if they are just interacting with a specific holiday advert and not buying anything, they have got your business in their mind when considering purchasing products in the future. Having something that can be shared with just a single click, maximises the chances of something going viral because of that ability to share something so quickly and easily.

Consistency is Key

Don’t post something on your website and something different on social media, it just doesn’t work. Make sure that you keep things consistent throughout all platforms, whether they be website, printed or social media, otherwise your customers won’t know which is right and which is not so they’ll just abandon what they’re doing and you’ll lose out on these sales. You also need to make sure that your staff fluently understand all offers, specifically ones that are made individually so that any queries made can be dealt with effectively.

Start Planning Early

For those holidays that you are planning ecommerce campaigns around, make sure that you start planning them early to ensure that they are exactly what you want them to be before the time comes to launch them. This helps to avoid last minute panic and getting everything organised as well as being able to try out different styles to find one that you like and are happy with. This is useful for ensuring that you have something that is going to stand out from your competitors and will encourage consumers to visit your website and share the content with their friends on social media and by word-of-mouth.

Avoid Creative Fatigue

When you launch a holiday campaign that is going to last for a few weeks, don’t just create one, use different content each week to keep your audience interested. Using the same content for weeks on end will make the audience bored of seeing it, and eventually they’ll change their mind about buying from your business because of this. The best way to keep them interested is to display new content and to keep it fresh and updated, otherwise they’ll just think that you can’t be bothered.

Segmentation Targeting

Target your audience with different campaigns based on their previous purchasing history and viewing behaviours so that you can provide them with content that they are interested in rather than something that is generic to everyone that is viewing your website or social media page. You can also use their geographical location to provide them with offers and information that is specific to their particular location. This interests the audience more – so don’t leave this out!


This goes without saying – don’t use an Easter image at Christmas. Or any other holiday for that matter, because it isn’t related. Make sure you are using images that reflect the holiday that you are creating the ecommerce campaign for as this will grab the attention of the consumer before they even look at the offer and your products. If you use an image on your home page that represents that holiday, you are showing your audience that you are celebrating it as a company which is something many consumers can relate to and they are influenced by this.

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By Stacey at 13 Feb 2017, 14:09 PM