New version release protocols

As a company Comgem have redefined our release procedure and are looking to make this procedure public. Every time a release happens, a new article will appear on the news section of our website detailing the changes, and a more detailed update will also be found in the changelog on our support site. To view this, click here and enter your log in details.

We'll be broadcasting updates like this, every 2 weeks from here on (good or bad). So don’t forget to check back for further updates. We will also be sending out a newsletter every 4 weeks once a release is made. If you would like to receive our newsletter, drop us a line here.


Every time we start working on a version we look to address bug fixes from the previous version and add any additional features. Each version is released every 4 weeks and we aim to follow this plan:

Week 1 & 2 –  Development of new features or improvements to existing ones

Week 3 – Testing

Week 4 – Addressing bug fixes found in week 3 and doing a final release.


We've refactored our version conventions so it is easier to manage on our side. As of October 2016, we are about to release version 3.8.0 and are in the process of developing version 3.9.0. An update of versions is below;

Version 3.8.0, which is our latest version is currently in beta testing and is a pending a release which is scheduled for 4/11. Once released in will include the following:

  • Automated Error Logging
  • UI improvements
  • Multi Lingual Support for Products
  • Performance Improvements
  • Bug Fixes
  • And many more…

By Alanna at 24 Oct 2016, 13:45 PM