Stacey's Abseil

As a volunteer for Action on Hearing Loss Cymru, I've been given the chance to do various fundraising events. Most abseil off Newport Transporter Bridge (54ft!!!) when I'm petrified of heights have suffer from Vertigo (don't worry my doctor gave me permission to do it!)

On the Action on Hearing Loss Cyrmu website they posted this!

Long term volunteer, Stacey, braved the heights of Newport’s Transporter Bridge raising over £360 for the organisation. “The Abseil was amazing! It was terrifying at the top but when I got back to the ground I wanted to do it again!”

Stacey joined the organisation in 2012 after meeting a number of staff at a volunteering fair in Cardiff Met University. Stacey initially joined as a fundraiser, organising collections and car-washes. But as her skills and confidence grew she found an enjoyment for marketing and networking.

“I was really involved with the Velothon in 2014 pushing hard with social media and community events to build it up”. Since then, Stacey has shown continuous support to our projects including our Hear to Meet groups. “Volunteering has given me the confidence to do things I wouldn’t have done and to put myself into situations I would normally avoid due to my hearing loss.”

Finding work

Stacey has been focusing her new-found confidence into finding work and is about to start a job in Marketing and search engine optimisation. “Volunteering has been a massive benefit to finding work! Without the confidence it’s given me and the experience I’ve gained I wouldn’t have felt comfortable enough to even apply for the job. I have a severe hearing loss and feel that it’s been a barrier to employment but volunteering has made me more at ease with my hearing loss, I’m far more of an extrovert than I used to be!”

Even with the new job, Stacey hasn’t stopped thinking about her next fundraising event and would recommend anyone thinking about volunteering to get involved. “You get out what you put in. The support from all the staff and other volunteers has been amazing and I have gained so much from my time here, you won’t want to do anything else!”

I've loved being a volunteer so far and can't wait for my next big fundraising event.

Here's the website for the article and more information:

By Stacey at 16 Nov 2016, 16:30 PM