New version release protocols

As promised, every time a new release happens we as a company are going to update you via our blogs section and as you can guess, the latest release has happened! A lot of hard work has gone into the release and our developers are still continuing to power through to ensure we stay on track for the next release deadline.

Some of the new features included in our release have been requested and as a company we love turning ideas into fully functioning features!

So, Version 3.8 Was released on 04/11/2016 and has addressed the following:

  • Automated Error Logging
  • Sidebar can now be toggled
  • Multi Lingual Support for Products
  • Performance Improvements
  • Bug Fixes

As mentioned above, Version 3.9 is currently in development and will include:

  • New Feature: Global Search, an intelligent search in the navigation bar to simplify retrieval of commonly accessed data.
  • New Feature: Multiple Supplier Codes can be associated to products.
  • Improvements to tasks management
  • Improvements to product management
  • Improvements to attribute management
  • Performance Improvements
  • Bug Fixes

The release candidate is expected to be available on 02/12/2016 with a live release soon afterwards. We will look to have another blog update ready for our favourite readers!


Is there anything you would like to see include in our next blog? Let us know 

By Alanna at 14 Nov 2016, 15:18 PM