Questions to ask yourself before briefing for your website

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Planning an ecommerce project can itself become a big project for a company. When a business decides to seek out a development company’s assistance, they may find they are unsure of what exactly they should be looking for.

Finding a company that understands your company and your requirements can be quiet daunting, so here we have included a few questions we think are important to gather the information before your meeting with your chosen developers. After all, would you attend a work meeting without preparing?

The questions we have used below; are the most common questions we ask as a company

What type of business do you own?

Do you run a B2B or B2C store? Or do you cater for both? This question is defiantly one of the most important, as B2B stores and B2C stores do differ slightly in their approach as this will determine the features you have access too.


What type of website are you looking for? Static or Dynamic? *

*Static – A static website is brochure style website which isn’t updateable. Usually they are more suited to start-up companies or companies who don’t sell products due to being the most cost effective.
*Dynamic – A dynamic website can be easily updated as and when and usually used to sell products and interact with customers. Such as a CMS or Ecommerce website.

Normally most customers do have an understanding of what type of website they require, but sometimes the terminology may be way above their head. If you have had previous experience setting up a website or are technically advanced, then you should have a clear understanding what it is you’re looking for.

Are you looking for a brochure style website that doesn’t need attention and updating regularly? Are you looking for a cheap and simple website? If yes, then you are looking for a STATIC website.

Are you looking for a feature rich platform? Are you looking to update your website almost daily? Are you looking to sell 100’s of products? If yes, then you are looking for a DYNAMIC website.


How many pages do you require on your website?

It is important to know how many pages your website requires especially with a static website as this could effect the cost and timescales. It is even more important to know how many pages you require if you have a dynamic website as you will have to prepare all of the content for each page. Remember ‘Content is King’ – Never copy content from another website!

It’s also good to know which pages you require, such as homepage, contact page, testimonials and so on. This saves time and headache further down the line.


What’s the main reason for wanting to set up a website? And what are you looking to achieve?

There are many reasons people look to set up a website such as are you looking to set up an online presence? Support your customers? Build brand awareness? Educate people about your business and/or products? Sell your products online? Let us know your reasons, this way then we will fully understand your online needs and provide you with the best platform.


Do you currently have your own logo?

The reason for this question is if you do have your own logo, this will save time and money on the design side of things.


Do you have a domain name?

If you have purchased your own domain name, you will not require our team to find and purchase a new one. Again saving time and money. If you do not have a domain name already, then Comgem do offer to source you one against any suggestions you may have.


Have you seen any websites you like?

This can help us get an idea of your tastes and certain features that you may be interested in including in your own site. The content of your preferred websites may be totally different to your line of work, but if you like the layout, it is helpful to have a point of existing reference.


Do you require a News, Events and/or Blogs section?

Its beneficial to include news, events and blogs to your website if you can, so you can easily promote events, create a news/blog article about products, your company and any important information. If you do require news, events or blogs on your website then this may effect the timescale due to additional development time.


Do you require a contact form or do you wish to provide contact details?

The difference between a contact form and providing contact details is a contact form would allow the customer to contact you through an online form and you (the company) can get in contact with the client. Providing contact details allows a customer to contact you via email, phone or sending a letter – whichever you provide.


Do you have a deadline?

The reason I ask this, is if you have a timescale of 6 weeks and you require custom software development it is highly unlikely you will complete the project in this time. Also with our design work, we continue to work on the design until your 100% happy. Some customers may be happy with the first design; other customers may be happy with the 4th design. You would also need to sign off the design work once you are happy with it, if it is not signed off this may cause more delays. There is a lot to take into consideration when deciding on a timescale such as do I require any custom work? Will I have all of the content in place by said time? Will our marketing team have time to create marketing ideas for the new website?


Do you have a budget?

This is not something you are required to provide us with, but it is always easier to know your budget. The reason for this is, if you require any custom software, additional design work and so on this will add to the project total. Once we know your budget we can work to your needs and provide you with the most cost effective solution that we offer.

By Alanna at 20 Jul 2016, 16:39 PM