Trends and Predictions 2017

Our Comgem Marketing Experts say:

"There are so many emerging trends that have begun in 2016, or even before, that will continue to develop in 2017. These will affect how we do business and how many, if not all, of our customers do business so we have to ensure that we keep up-to-date with all of these trends to keep their websites being as successful as they can. These trends and predictions look at what has already happened and what is expected to happen, as well as how we, Comgem, will need to adapt and develop our services and websites to keep up with this."

Our Trends and Predictions for 2017:

1. Marketing Automation

Marketing automation includes anything to do with customer relationship management, behavioural email marketing and web personalisation. When surveyed, 10.3% of marketers believed that marketing automation would be the tool that gives their businesses the biggest uplift in terms of leads and sales in 2017. For Comgem, this marketing automation tool can be used to send out email reminders to customers who may require consumables further down the line as well as sending out an email to say 'thank you' or 'welcome' when signing up to our email subscription.

2. Artificial Intelligence for Smart Prediction

When customers are purchasing items, they will often come across a banner towards the end of the buying process that informs them of a range of different products that they may be interested in based on the interests of others. However, in 2017, this could all change so that the recommendations are based on the buyers' previous history and the products that they've been looking at on other websites to ensure that these extra products that could be purchased, are ones that they are interested in. For Comgem, this would mean exploring methods in which we can use this to ensure that customers are getting the best recommendations for their personal and business interests.

3. Increase of Ecommerce Competition

Physical businesses are on the decline as ecommerce becomes a more and more popular way to start up a business. With the increasing competition, it means that marketers need to increase the level at which they are competing with their competitors using content marketing and ensuring that they do it well. If they cannot create the content that they need in order to be successful, then they will find that they need to focus on a different marketing tactic in order to contine to strive. For Comgem, we will be ensuring that all the content of our website and the websites of our customers is created to the highest standard particularly focusing on making them suitable for SEO. We have the experts ready in place to be able to hit this target next year.

4. M-Commerce Will Continue to Outperform Desktop

Mobile commerce has replaced desktop ecommerce in many aspects of online purchases, where 58.7% of purchases are already being bought on mobile or tablet, and in 2017 this is expected to continue to rise. The continued shift in ecommerce businesses prioritising their mobile offering will see a large number of business focusing on engaging with their customers via mobile and tablets rather than on their desktop. For Comgem, this means ensuring that all of the web designs that we do are compatible with all devices.

5. Payment Landscape Will Evolve

Many customers of a large range of businesses are using alternative payment methods like PayPal, Apple Pay and Google Wallet as their preferred method of payment as it offers a secure alternative to inputting card details to be able to pay for goods and services. This will continue to develop, with retailers branching out to new platforms such as biometric payment methods in 2017. For Comgem, we will be keeping an eye on the trends and ensuring that our customers keep up-to-date with all the trends on their website.

6. Ecommerce Delivery Will Get Better and Faster

Consumers expect the best digital experience nowadays, and when they don't get what they think they are supposed to be getting, they take to social media to complain. Many retailers have stepped up in their services particularly around delivery so with online shopping growing, these delivery services will continue to improve in 2017. For Comgem, we will be creating our web designs for customers so that they can get their products to market as quick as possible as well as ensuring that they are able to keep track of all orders efficiently on their website.

7. Ongoing Convergence of B2B and B2C Ecommerce

B2B and B2C used to be two very different things but with the emergence of digital channels and development of marketing technology platforms, a range of similarities have arisen. In 2017, this is expected to continue to change the ecommerce communications in both of these sections making them more connected. There are 5 main areas which will be affected; analytics and solving, content, automation, personalisation and product trials. For Comgem, this change in B2B and B2C means that even when working with large companies, the interaction will still be the same as working with individuals and smaller companies. Our websites are tailored to suit the needs of the company that we are working with and the personalisation of this will be upped to develop the customer experience.

8. Content Personalisation

When consumers visit your website for the first time, they are normally looking for a specific product or service. But if they visit it again, they may just be browsing so this is where content personalisation comes in. By using personalised content, your website is 42% more likely to do better as the website has taken information that it has extracted already about that consumer and is using that information to change the ecommerce search results based on their past searching and purchasing habits. For Comgem, this means giving our customers the ability to be able to do this on their website to ensure that visitors turn into customers, and also integrating it into our website for the same reason.

By Stacey at 22 Dec 2016, 17:05 PM