What are the timescales on new websites?

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Timescales are important when creating a new ecommerce website, especially when you need to meet a specific deadline. When you have a great idea in mind for a new website, its understandable you want to go from having a brainwave about Ecommerce to having your website live and taking multiple orders online and seeing the revenue in a small amount of time.

Each website would vary on timescales and this does change depending on the customer. You would need to take into consideration the design stage and any feedback you may have. Most customers are usually pleased with the first design; some customers prefer the 4th design version. As a company, Comgem never sign off a website design unless the customer is 100% happy.

Then of course, next comes the feedback on your website. Before going live, we ALWAYS ask clients for any feedback they have on the website. Once again, some customers may think it looks great but then other customers may think the website needs tweaking. After all it is your website and you know what kind of audience you want to attract. 


Here we have given the estimated timescales for certain websites:

Ecommerce – 3 Months+

CMS – 6-8 Weeks

Static – 6 Weeks


The above timescales have been given as an estimation and does not include any custom work and additional development. Each timescale will always depend on design work and feedback.

Unless you have extra modules and functionalities already agreed before the start of the project, it really isn't a good idea to keep adding more modules during the site is being built. This pushes the deadline for the site going live further back, meaning you won’t start to make money as soon as you would have hoped.

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By Alanna at 17 Jun 2016, 10:20 AM