Interesting digital marketing stats

Below are a few digital marketing stats and facts that we have found interesting. We have also added some useful tips on how to improve your website through these stats!


Messenger added 100 million users in last three months

Facebook Messenger now has 900 million monthly users, up from 800 million in January, according to Facebook. A useful tip here would be, set up a Facebook ‘Customer Service’ page where customers can message you through messenger.


Kendall's social kingdom

Influencer DB, an Instagram analytics firm, said that reality TV star and social media juggernaut Kendall Jenner gains nearly 100,000 followers a day on Instagram. Interestingly, she does best in Germany, which is home to 21 percent of her followers. Check out some of best influencers and possibly contact them to promote your products! You never know!


Taylor-made power

On April 1, pop songstress Taylor Swift posted a funny spot for Apple on her social accounts, showing her working out. Last weekend, iTunes sales of the song featured in the ad, Drake's "Jumpman," skyrocketed 431 percent globally. On Instagram alone, the 1-minute clip has received 1.4 million likes and 153,000 comments.


30% of parents spend more on their child due to influencers

30% of parents admit that they are willing to spend more on an item of clothing for their child if it has been endorsed by an online influencer, according to a new study by Rakuten Marketing.


Mobile is almost taking over

Mobile phones accounted for 42% of site traffic share (a rise of 36%). Make sure your website is responsive! Who really wants to scroll through irrelevant content?


Messaging drives chatter

At Facebook's annual developers conference, F8, CEO Mark Zuckerberg said 60 billion messages are sent via Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp every day—Every day. Have you expanded your website across every social media platform available?


Where the B2Bers socialize

Business-to-business companies have 36 times as many followers on LinkedIn as they do on Instagram, according to TrackMaven's research. The median social media audience for a B2B brand is as follows: 109,000 on LinkedIn; 34,000 on Facebook; 18,000 on Twitter; 3,000 on Instagram; and 420 on Pinterest.


Mamma mia, Instagram!

Instagram revealed that 93 percent of mums access its network at least once per week, with 68 percent doing so daily. What's more, more than half of mothers on Instagram follow businesses. Are you promoting your products to the right audience? Get following!


Official global hashtags

Trademarks specialty company Thomson CompuMark says that in the last five years 2,898 applications have been filed globally to trademark hashtags. And last year alone, 1,398 applications were filed worldwide to trademark hashtags.


Instagram video goes up to 60-seconds

Earlier this week Instagram announced it is increasing the maximum length of videos on its service to 60 seconds. Until now, videos have been capped at 15 seconds. This has opened more doors to marketers and store owners. There is plenty of information about your product you can get across within 60 seconds!


Third-party content slowing down websites

Websites are being slowed down by third-party content such as display ads and remarketing services. This unsurprising finding comes from NCC Group which looked at the UK’s top 50 retail sites, then analysed the 10 fastest and 10 slowest.


Facebook adds 1m advertisers in a year

The world’s biggest social network has added a staggering 1m advertisers to its platform in the past year, taking the total figure to 3m, according to figures quoted by Social Times. Just six months ago Facebook only had 2.5m advertisers on its network, while a year ago that figure was only 2m.


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