What is a feed based Ecommerce?

What is a feed based Ecommerce?

When you have mid-sized ecommerce website you can have an inventory in the 1,000’s and keeping that up to date with competitive pricing and discounting can be a nightmare.

This is where Feeds come in. A feed is a data-file from a provider that is automatically updated several times a day and either placed in an account from where it’s down loaded to your site or transferred automatically to your site for integration.

Staying up to date

Once the feed data is available programs run on it and the data is fed into your inventory updating it seamlessly.

Typically smaller sites will update once a day, indeed many Feed providers only update their feed once a day, however some will update more than that and you can tailor your site to take import at several times a day in the hope of keeping more accurate stock control level.

Rich data

To keep the file sizes small and the integrations quick most feeds have only the basics of a product (name, price, stock level and manufacturer) which are enough to get the product listed for sale. When you want more detail such as the specifications, dimensions, reviews and images for the product there are third party services that hold that data too. When doing the import on data this additional info is attached too and the site front reflects the new content.

Multiple feeds

When you buy into more than one feed you can be pulling in lots more additional products to your range however you are likely to have some crossover with the same product appearing in two or more feeds (you don’t want two or more of the product on your site with differing prices that will only confuse your customers so..) we negotiate the products by both price and stock level.

It’s no good having the best price and only 1 item in stock (don’t forget that other people use this feed and if they sell the item before you it’s not available for your customer) when you can have the next best price and have 200 in stock.


To ensure you always are making a profit we give you margin breaks so you can always be sure that any item purchased has your cut included before postage and other calculations are applied. Similarly you can setup trade and other accounts that give preferential pricing to your favoured customers and predefined deals on products, categories of products or by any number of other metrics.

Contact us about Feed Based Ecommerce. Comgem works with the biggest players in the market, see how we can grow your business and turn a modest online store into a superstore.

By Alanna at 7 Sep 2014, 10:12 AM