Setting up business emails on a new domain.

So you've just registered your new "SomethingIncorportated" domain with a registrar. You bought the .com and the addresses for your new venture ( to cover your bases and now want to abandon that hokey old hotmail address you've been using so that your business emails look and feel more professional.

Once you purchase the domain you have complete control over the emails that are sent to that domain. Here are the general steps you'll take to get those emails up and running.

Web based & Client based.

Firstly there are two general methods of email viewing: Web based & Client based.

  1. Web Based - With webmail you read and send email via your browser. Typically you'll login to the website, enter a username/password and interact with emails via the interface that the supplier provides. Hotmail and Gmail are good examples of this approach.

  2. Client Based - this is where you have a program on your computer that handles emails. You'll typically enter account information (POP, SMTP, USername & Password) once and there after decide if you want to automatically collect mail without login in there after.

    Clients can also often handle multiple mailboxes which they can either keep separate or combine all into one.

    Client based also has the benefit of being able to set your default "Replyto address" so when you reply to an email from any mailbox the address the recipient sees is consistant. Outlook, Eudora and Thunderbird are popular clients.

Note that most providers provide you both at no extra cost.. so even if you use a client to read emails you can still login and use the web based interface whenever and the incoming messages will be the same.


Mail Box & Redirect

Emails can be set to have their own mailboxes or redirect to another. 

  • Mailbox: you can setup each email with a new mailbox so you have to login to view the emails separately.
  • Redirect: you can point an email address to another email address and it forwards all emails to this address.

It's a bit like a the postal system where your building is the mailbox where mail arrives to and the email address are like PO Boxes you can have many PO Boxes for companies but they all arrive at the same building.


Mark & Sarah's Company (SomethingIncorportated)

For our purposes say we want to have three email addresses setup for both domains (sales@, enquiries@ sarah@ & marknash@) making a total of 8 email addresses. We want sales@ & enquiries@ to be used on our new website and to both go to our assistant Sarah while marknash@ is my personal email for my business cards.

There are a number of options we need to decide between first.

  • For security I want Sarah to use a new mailbox which she logs into every day and she receives all emails from sales@ & enquiries@ as well as sarah@
  • Mark Nash wants to have marknash@ emails web based so he can easily read them on his phone.


To this end I decide that will be Sarah's primary email address.

  • Typically you login to the service you buy the domain from (e.g. 123-reg)
  • Select your domain(s) from a list
  • Select to setup emails
  • Set as a mailbox 
  • Note down the login details (SMTP, POP, Username & Password)
  • Setup sales@, enquiries@ for both domains and as redirects all pointing to

Now I download and setup an email client for Sarah

  • Enter the login details for
  • Send test emails to all the accounts and make sure they all arrive at Sarah's inbox

For Mark to receive his emails he picks the as his primary email with .com to redirect to the

  • Login to the domain registrar service
  • Select your domain 
  • Select to setup emails
  • Set as a webmail mailbox 
  • Set as a redirecting to 

Mark opens the browser on his phone and logs into his webmail for and sends test emails to both addresses and tests he can reply.



Most domain registrars will supply emails at low cost and often have deals where redirects are free and you only pay for mailboxes so it makes sense to have a nominated mailbox per person and redirect related emails to one centralised account.

If you are having trouble most registrars will have phone/online/email support to help you get them up and running.

By Alanna at 29 Sep 2014, 11:30 AM