Key B2B Ecommerce Trends

2013 was a big year for ecommerce with UK online sales hitting £87bn.

Although B2C ecommerce has long dominated the online shopping sphere, B2B ecommerce is rapidly catching up with more than 40% of B2B purchases are conducted online and this figure is set to rise.

With many suppliers lacking online facilities that B2B customers demand – having a B2B ecommerce website presents a real opportunity and is something that serious suppliers need to embrace if they are to survive.

Certainly if B2B suppliers are to survive we predict the need for more integrated B2B ecommerce solutions that allow seamless management between their suppliers and customers. In order to service the needs of complex B2B customers, B2B ecommerce suppliers will need to cater for complex purchasing relationships in which customer permissions and workflows can be defined.

At the same time as delivering personalised content, B2B ecommerce suppliers will need to more effectively manage their catalogues on a per customer basis and allow for custom pricing. This will also hook into more effective re-marketing tools that can be used to more efficiently market to different B2B customers.

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By Danielle at 21 May 2014, 14:13 PM