The Small businesses with the Big ideas.

Comgem recently welcomed Hermione Rose to the ever increasing fold of satisfied customers who came to us with an idea which we turned into reality. The ethos of high quality and luxurious goods that you’d never be ashamed to gift or be gifted makes for a great shopping experience. 

Our remit was to create a highly functional ecommerce website with responsive web design that would match the quality of the goods on offer. The site looks good and works well on all sizes of screen that the user might want to view it on (from 60” widescreen TVs to your mobile phone) and make anywhere purchasing a reality.



Hermione Rose had the products, they had the quality images all they needed now was a powerful and easy to use product management and categorisation tools. Our products system is both powerful and flexible so that it’s simple for the small business owner to manage a growing inventory without ever getting snowed under and yet the same system copes with products and assets in the millions. However big you grow the system will keep pace.



Our shipping system is one of the most comprehensive and configurable systems ever produced. You can handle shipping by any metric you desire and it deals with international and special orders effortlessly. When something changes you can update whether it’s on your own whim, your carriers charges or something more fundamental like a change in VAT it’s all there for you to manage simply and effectively.


Order Processing

When it comes to order processing most off-the-shelf packages are woefully basic. Our system gives comprehensive order details that can be easily accessed any time following a purchase as well as email confirmation to all parties involved including the precise details of every order. Nothing special about that you might think but it’s how those orders are arranged, ordered and configured that means our system is unrivalled when it comes to customer control.



Another oft overlooked area is the reporting of statistics. Our ever expanding base of reporting allows advanced analysis of baskets (both purchased and unpurchased) to help identify you winning and losing products. This is just one example among the ever expanding reporting tools that come online for our ecommerce users


Promotional Tool

Hermione Rose swath benefit of the Promo-tool set from day one and launched with gift codes and special offers for select contacts that allowed them to give back and get those all-important first orders that every ecommerce site craves.


Staying in Touch

Contacts are where a company can live or die. We provide simple and effective contact management to help track visitors, users and purchasers. It’s invaluable material like this that allows you to tailor your offers and marketing to make the most of how people interact with your site.



All this is of course built onto our site content management facilities so that your text pages, news stories, galleries and contact forms all perform in unison to make a complete website solution you can be proud of.


All this and I’ve barely scratched the surface of what we do for our customers.


Feel free to give Hermione Rose a visit and see what we can do for the more intimate ecommerce website.

By Alanna at 27 Jun 2014, 16:48 PM