Guide To setting up Google Analytics

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Once your site has been built and thoroughly tested it’s time to make it live for the world to see. Part of that is Google Analytics integration. Here are the steps you need to be aware of and prepared for to make the transition to live as easy as possible.


Why Google Analytics.

As the industry standard (free and easily the best) in website analytics we recommend you sign up for the account yourself and simply copy us in the tracking code. This is important as you’ll need to be able to login and administrate the analytics yourself.

Customer sign up for Google Analytics.

  • Visit
  • Either sign in or create a new account from the top right. 
  • If you already have a regular google account (e.g. google mail) you can use that account.
  • Click “Sign up” button.
  • You might then be offered a choice of “Universal Analytics” or “Classic Analytics”. 
  • Universal is the new system in development and is slightly more feature rich.
  • Enter an Account Name.
  • The URL of the site to be tracked including. http://www.
  • Industry Category.
  • Time Zone.
  • Data Sharing Settings: Uncheck any options that you’d rather not share with. 

Finally click “Get Tracking ID” to get the tracking ID for your website.

  • The code should be in a box with several lines of JavaScript in it. Everything in this box is your tracking code snippet. It starts with <script> and ends with </script>.
  • Select everything in the box and copy it (CTRL + C).
  • Paste it into and email for us: Open your Mail, Start a New eMail, Click into the body of the email and press (CTRL + V).
  • Send the code to your contact at Comgem and we’ll have our developers insert it for you.

Note that analytics take at least 24 hours to become meaningful and only once the site has moved from development into live.


Google also provide a useful help page you can find here:

By Alanna at 2 Jun 2014, 13:28 PM