How to Kick things off Right - Logo Design Kick-off Meeting

So you have chosen your development partner for your logo and website and you are being invited in for a logo kick-off meeting... what do you need to be thinking about and have answers for to make the meeting as productive as possible.

When a custom logo design is desired the first meeting is likely to be the Design Kick-off.

Why get a professionally designed logo?

When you get a professionally designed logo you get so much more than an image. You get a unique and personalized graphic that says everything about you and your business.

It’s a difficult thing logo creation, deceptively so. Try doing a google image search on “logo design” to get a small insight into the diversity and complexity of something so apparently simple and yet crafted to say everything about you. 

We take the logo process every bit as seriously as your whole site design for these very reasons. Your logo informs how your whole site is designed, from its basic complimentary colours to the layout and presentation of the templates.

Everything About You.

Effective design attracts customers by improving the image your business presents. Your brand identity and design determines how your business is perceived by potential customers, even subconsciously, giving them reassurance. A good practice is to look at the logos of rivals, even a design layman can detect those which were professionally designed and those that were whipped up at home.

Professional design instils trust that will last a lifetime.

Having a uniquely designed identity that effectively captures your target market’s imagination is a fundamental must for businesses wanting to be taken seriously.

Our design and branding team will get under the skin of your business and understand what makes your customers tick to create compelling branding and logo designs that translate into sales.

Logo Design Kick-off Meeting

This initial meeting is governed by whether you have opted for logo design as well as website design. 

What to bring for a Logo / Website Kick-off Meeting.

We take logo design every bit as seriously as your site design and indeed your logo informs how your whole site is designed. In this case we will use the kick off meeting to help us craft you the ideal logo in a cycle of design > review. Only once that logo is locked down do we start the site design. What to think about:

  • What two complimentary colours do like and what colours don’t you like.
  • What logos inspire you: find two logos that impress you in some way.

By Alanna at 3 Jul 2014, 13:37 PM