Good SEO pt1 - Introduction to Self SEO service.

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What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is one of the hot topics for business these days. Many companies and individuals know how a higher ranking in google and other engines is all important to gaining more visitors numbers and there for more potential customers.

How do I go about understanding SEO for myself?

Sure you can pay and compete for keywords in the hopes that you'll get those all important clicks but why pay for limited keywords when you can never accurately predict what words a potential customer might  enter in a search to arrive at your site. What makes most sense is to make your site as open and accessible to search engine listing and ranking as possible.

Those keyword phrases should form the basis of your SEO and are what you need your site to communicate to both visitors and search engines.

SEO is all about a structured approach to how you present yourself to the search engines. Typically these are good first steps to take:

  • Identify 3 sets of keyword phrases (e.g. "secretarial services" or "international export shipping") that you’d hope to be ranked highly when a customer searches.
  • Try entering those keywords into an engine and see who your top 10 competitors are.
  • Make sure those keywords are most applicable to your service and would more likely translate into a business opportunity should the visitor arrive at your site.

Now look at your site see if those keywords appear on your site with that exact spelling and spacing in the content. If not then you need to start remedying that.


To be continued in Good SEO pt2 - How do I improve my SEO.

By Alanna at 9 Jul 2014, 17:13 PM